Lady Gaga Eats David Letterman's Questions and Other Stupid Celebrity Tricks

Bizarre, Kooky and Memorable Moments from "Late Night"

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Lady Gaga never ceases to surprise fans with her sack of tricks.

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Lady Gaga never ceases to surprise fans with her sack of tricks.

Though better known for his "Stupid Pet Tricks" segment in which regular people bring their animal companions on stage to demonstrate such odd talents as answering the telephone, David Letterman has hosted a passel of celebrities over the decades who performed stunts that could also be described as stupid. On Monday night, for instance, Lady Gaga feigned to be tired of answering such droll questions as whether she eats Barbie dolls on stage and proceeded to eat the paper on which the questions were typed.

Though it should be no surprise that a woman who wears dresses made of meat might also snack on paper, the pop singer is not the only celebrity who has performed stupid celebrity tricks on Dave's show. Here are some other strange celebrity moments from "Late Night":

As a bizarre birthday present to Letterman in 1995, actress Drew Barrymore danced on the gap-toothed host's desk and -- with her back strategically to the camera -- flashed her breasts at him. More than a decade later, Letterman reminded the more mature Barrymore of her memorable gift, hinting, "You know, I've got a birthday coming up . . . ." but the "Lucky You" star did not take the bait.

In what he later admitted was a hoax on Letterman, actor Joaquin Phoenix appeared on "Late Night" with a scruffy hobo beard, chewing gum and acting nervous during the entire interview. The "Walk the Line" star barely answered Dave's questions, prompting the confused talk show host to remark, "Yeah, I'll come to your house and chew gun," only to watch Phoenix pull the wad of gum out of his mouth and stick it under his expensive CBS desk like a misbehaving school boy. Letterman got the last laugh, wrapping up the segment with the wry diss, "Joaquin, I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight."

Turning the tables, Letterman tricked guest Paris Hilton in 2007 when the hotel heiress appeared on "Late Night" to pimp her new perfume and upcoming movie. Finding Hilton's recent jail time far more interesting fodder for discussion, Letterman stuck to his topic despite the socialite's attempt to steer the conversation toward her commercial projects -- asking her why she went to jail, what the food was like and other questions more fascinating to fans than what her new perfume smelled like. When the peeved Paris pleaded, "Dave, "I don't really want to talk about it anymore," he slyly replied, "This is where you and I are different. Because this is all I want to talk about."

Meanwhile, conservative talk host Bill O'Reilly, who likes to spar with the more liberal Letterman and has even called him a "goon" spoke admirably of Lady Gaga's memorable moment Monday night, going so far as to call the publicity seeking pop singer a "patriot."

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