Lady Gaga Dyes Her Hair "Louis Vuitton Brown" - Does She Look Better as a Brunette?

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Lady Gaga Dyes Her Hair "Louis Vuitton Brown" - Does She Look Better as a Brunette?

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Lady Gaga has had many hair transformations.

Lady Gaga has a new style, y'all. The songstress has dyed her hair what she calls "Louis Vuitton brown" and is showing off her new look to fans on Twitter.

"I'm gonna leave one streak of bad by my left ear. Lady when its down, and Gaga when its up. could we belong together? Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette. I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN. BITCH THATS LV. And this is how it looks up!! (I know this is boring) but fun! …" she tweeted in succession.

Four hours after posting her pic she decided to do away with the single blonde streak that remained. She tweeted, "i think I'm gonna do away with this blond streak, feeling like a purist. gosh i forgot what it was like to have soft hair!"

Fans responded positively to Gaga's new hair color, even asking the celeb how she got the specific hair color herself.

"getting lots of tweets about how to get this hair color, its a bit of a process...and depends on if your lifting or darkening your color. look in the natural browns, experiment missing with pink+ lavender toners. fun to just paint on hair! @faspiras + i did it together!#ARTPOP," she said.

Will you be heading to your local salon to get Gaga's new color?

We're personally loving Gaga's new look. Here are a few reasons why:

New album, new look

As Gaga prepares to release "ARTPOP" it's only natural the outrageously dressed artist would change her look. We haven't been into her style the past couple of years but we think she could really do something fun and interesting with the pop art Andy Warhol influence we're vibing from her new project. What kind of looks do you think Gaga will come up with next?

Natural beauty

Behind the costumes, meat dresses, and whatever other unique ensembles Gaga throws on she's actually a natural beauty. What we loved about her most recent pic showing off her brown hair style was how gorgeous she looked with her hair piled on top of her head in a messy bun and minimal makeup.

Progressive brunette

Gaga briefly mentioned being a brunette made her feel more progressive. Can we expect a more demure look by the singer with her hair color changed? Will she pull a Jackie O and get involved in politics? We're curious to see what kind of changes the singer will make simply by darkening her hair shade.

Do you like Gaga's new hair color?

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