Lady Gaga Bares it All, Other Celebrities I'd like to See "Au Natural"

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What would Kim Kardshian look like without all of that makeup?

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What would Kim Kardshian look like without all of that makeup?

As previously reported on omg!, Lady Gaga bares it all on the cover of the latest edition of Harper's Magazine. That's right -- no makeup, no crazy outfits, and no ridiculous hair -- just Gaga.

Looking at the pictures, it's hard to even recognize the pop sensation sans her usual Mother Monster attire. She's fresh-faced and natural, and whether you like the natural look on her or not, the pictures are certainly breathtaking.

Celebrities today, perhaps more than ever before, are well known for their over-the-top hair styles and extreme makeup obsessions, and Gaga's newest photo shoot brings to mind other celebrities who would be interesting to see "au natural"...

Nicki Minaj

Another musician who refuses to give up her colorful wigs, loud makeup, and costumes is Nicki Minaj. The best example of how far she is willing to go to express herself is perhaps the 2011 MTV VMA's, where she showed up in a metal bustier and pink tutu adorned with a collection of what looked like stuffed animals. She completed the look with a creepily colorful surgical mask and cotton-candy inspired hair.

While I do respect her originality, it makes me wonder: What does Nicki Minaj look like under all of that makeup, hair, and fabric?

Katy Perry

Pop star and Gaga-competitor Katy Perry is another person in the music industry who tends to prefer the dramatic when it comes to fashion. Recently dying her hair a pastel shade of pink, the singer isn't afraid to test the boundaries of conformity in order to stand out.

However, when she appears in her ProActiv commercials, Katy is almost unrecognizable as the "Last Friday Night" singer. Though her natural beauty does shine through in the ad campaign, she is still wearing a lot of makeup. It would be nice to see what Katy Perry looks like truly "au natural."

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is a pop singer from a simpler time -- when streaking your hair with low-lights and singing about how dirty you were was considered extreme. Though she has certainly toned down her look in the later years of her profession, Xtina still wears a lot of heavy makeup, and she seems a little addicted to her bold red lipstick.

When she first hit the music scene in 1999 with her unforgettable hit "Genie in a Bottle," the younger Christina was a fresh-faced Girl Next Door. It would be interesting to see if the judge of The Voice looks as nice now with less makeup.


The reality TV world is no stranger to faces with too much makeup, and Jersey Shore guidette Snooki is a perfect example. Though the idea of the reality genre is to be able to see "real" people in real life situations, Snooki always seems to find the time to load on the makeup, hair spray, and fake tanner before stepping outside.

Would we even be able to recognize the pint-sized pickle eater without her famous "Snooki bump" and loads of eye makeup?

Kim Kardashian

Heidi Klum recently tweeted a video where Kim Kardashian showed the hostess of Project Runway what goes into her makeup routine, and let me tell you, it is a LOT. Though the new Mrs. Humphries does look flawless with her dark eyes and large lashes, it makes me wonder what her eyes would look like without all of that makeup...

Even her poolside honeymoon pictures feature the "Kim Kardashian smoky eye," though, so we may never know what she looks like beneath all of that makeup.

What celebrities would you like to see in a more "natural" state?

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