Lady Gaga Is 'Homeless' - Other Celebs Who Rent

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Lady Gaga Is 'Homeless' - Other Celebs Who Rent

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Lady Gaga

There's no place like home--- unless you're Lady Gaga!

She's a millionaire who owns everything from furs and pearls to over-the-top outfits, but Gaga doesn't own a home. And in a new interview with Harper's Bazaar, the 27-year-old pop superstar said she doesn't call any one place home, either.

"My 'home' is a controversial topic. I don't exactly have one," the singer said of her transient ways. "I live all over the world. I keep a small rental in New York, where I hang many of my hats when I come to see my parents and New York pals. It's like a tiny jewel box, covered in rose-gold mirrors, with an oversize pink couch, an expensive vase, a white Marilyn piano, and a boudoir. I do not keep a lot of clothes here -- mostly punk wear."

It's not the first time the "Applause" singer has admitted she's not a real estate investor. In a 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Gaga said she crashes at her parents' Upper West Side apartment when she's in New York City. "I'm a wandering gypsy," she said at the time. "So I sleep upstairs whenever I come to New York."

Check out these other celebs who have a penchant for rent:

Courtney Love is known for her rental woes. In 2012, the Hole singer got into an eviction fight with her landlord over the décor in the West Village town home she was renting (Love re-wallpapered and painted walls in the $27K per month rental with hand-painted glaze, damask wallpaper and ice-blue paint, according to Curbed), so she moved on to another NYC rental in "the Lafayette building." In lieu of a credit check, she got a character reference -- from U2 lead singer Bono.

The singer told the New York Daily News, "I've never gotten a noise complaint. It sounds really lame, being a rock star and all. But I haven't." But then she added, "I did get one once, when I was living on the sixth floor of the Mercer (Hotel). I was watching that movie with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler (called "Just Go With It"). The person next-door called and complained it was too loud."

In 2010, AOL Real Estate featured a story on Meg Ryan's $25K a month rental in an upscale New York building. The actress signed a lease for the 2,500 square foot, three-bedroom, 3 1/2-bathroom Soho condo in the trendy glass building designed by architect Jean Nouvel and developer Andre Balazs. With amenities like a 50-foot lap pool, sauna and 24-hour concierge service, it sounds better than buying!

And Lindsay Lohan has called everything from rehab to jail "home," but back in 2008 she rented a Spanish-style home that was immortalized by a teen burglary ring. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lohan once paid $10K per month to rent a 2,700 square foot Hollywood Hills that was later robbed by The Bling Ring, a group of celeb-obsessed California teens.

The actress moved out immediately after the robbery (according to Vanity Fair, the thieves stole nearly $130,000 in clothes and jewelry), but she didn't skip out on her rent. Landlord Jenna Gering said the actress's security deposit was "three months of rent, which was the remainder on her lease, so we basically shook hands and walked away."

Lohan apparently left the place in excellent shape, too. The only damage to the property was camera-lens-size holes in the hedges in front of the home, left behind by pesky paparazzi.

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