Kyra Sedgwick Stars in 'The Possession' - Other Celebs Starring in New Horror Movies

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Kyra Sedgwick Stars in 'The Possession' - Other Celebs Starring in New Horror Movies

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Kyra Sedgwick

As the summer season dwindles away, we can surely look forward to the stream of horror films sprinkled throughout the remaining days of the year. "The Closer's" Kyra Sedgwick will take a freaky turn in "The Possession" due in theaters August 31. The film plays upon the events taking place after the family purchases a Dybbuk box. Just to ensure ticket sales, filmmakers made sure to note that the movie is based on real events. With huge thrillers like "Paranormal 4" taking over our subconscious, it's easy to overlook other celebs hopping onto the terror train. Check out these newly "scary stars."

Trey Songz - "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 3D"

You read that correctly. Trey Songz, the R&B lothario responsible for hits like "Heart Attack" and "Say Ahhh," joins the sprinkling of pop stars trying their hand at horror. Featured in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 3D" due out in January 2013, this is the suave singer's first male lead.

Saoirse Ronan - "The Host"

Saoirse Ronan may not be a skilled hunter ("Hanna") or floating around as a disembodied spirit ("The Lovely Bones") in her new flick "The Host," but it seems she knows how to turn out a good tense thriller. Her latest film finds her all mixed up in a world that includes alien invasion and mind control. From the mind of Stephenie Meyer (who brought us the "Twilight" franchise) comes a sci-fi tale with some twists you might not expect.

Ashley Greene - "The Apparition"

Actress Ashley Greene is no stranger to Stephenie Meyer's work, but this time she's left the fangs behind. Playing one-half of a supernaturally tortured couple in "The Apparition," Greene contributes to the cache of creepy stories involving paranormal experiments gone bad, menacing spiritual beings, and an ultimate fight to the death. (The film was released August 24, 2012.)

Ethan Hawke - "Sinister"

Ethan Hawke gets "Sinister" in 2013. Featuring the actor as a crime writer who happens to live in a murder house, the possibilities are endless. The directors of "Insidious" and "Paranormal Activity 4" bring us this frightening flick of the found-footage variety. But don't worry. There's plenty of regular movie stuff in there also. Imagine "The Blair Witch Project" meets "The Grudge" for the new generation.

Jessica Chastain - "Mama"

Guillermo Del Toro enlightens horror fans in "Mama"-a movie that features Jessica Chastain and is based on the Spanish language film of the same name (yes, another remake.) Prepare to be shocked as "The Help" star dons jet black tresses for the creepy role. But aside from that, her character takes in some "long lost nieces and nephews." And you know what happens in horror movies when adults take in orphaned kids.

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