Kristen Wiig Leaves "SNL" - Other Major "SNL" Stars to Leave for the Movies

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After eight seasons, veteran comedian and actress Kristen Wiig said her final goodbyes to the cast of "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend when Mick Jagger hosted the season finale of the long-running NBC sketch comedy show. Wiig made her debut on the show in 2005, and began gaining more success and popularity through hilarious roles in films like "Knocked Up" and "Paul." Then last year she co-wrote and starred in the biggest comedy of the year, "Bridesmaids," and it was clear that the bounds of "SNL" could no longer hold Kristen.

Over the years, Wiig played all sorts of quirky characters, all with total devotion and commitment to getting the laughs. Whether she was playing one half of the singing duo Garth and Kat, or Kathy Lee Gifford, Kristen endeared herself to audiences and has become one of the biggest stars in comedy, male or female. As she leaves her work on "SNL" behind, we thought we'd take a look at a few other former cast members that left to go on to bigger and better things on the silver screen.

Chevy Chase - Of the original "Not Ready for Prime Time Players," Chevy was the first to depart in search of even bigger fame and fortune in movies. After just a couple seasons, Chase left the show, where he'd gained huge popularity as the host of the show's signature faux-news show "Weekend Update." He starred in National Lampoon's "Vacation," and several other popular comedies. Now, he's seen on NBC's critical darling "Community."

Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi - For the first four years of "SNL" Belushi and Aykroyd were undoubtedly the biggest stars in the cast. They created many memorable characters, two of which wound up helping to break them away from the show entirely. "The Blues Brothers" starred the pair as Jake and Elwood Blues, and it helped catapult them both to massive success, though Belushi was already well loved by movie goers for his work as Blutarsky in "Animal House."

Eddie Murphy - Murphy exploded onto the scene when he was just 19 years old, joining the second incarnation of the show's cast. He made an immediate impact, becoming a star in no time at all. In 1984 he left the show and became one of the most successful stand up comedians and comedic film actors, with roles in movies like "Beverly Hills Cop" and "The Golden Child."

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