Kristen Stewart Wears Rob Pattinson's T-Shirt and Heads to Toronto

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Kristen Stewart Wears Rob Pattinson's T-Shirt and Heads to Toronto

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Will Kristen Stewart ever get over Robert Pattinson?

When will Kristen Stewart finally get over Rob Pattinson? The "Twilight" star headed for the Toronto International Film Festival and was spotted wearing Rob's old T-shirt through the Toronto airport this week under a two-toned leather jacket.

Kristen has yet to make a public appearance since her affair with married director Rupert Sanders was discovered and blasted all over the tabloids.

Kristen and Rob's relationship immediately ended and while Kristen has been seen all over looking drab and pale, Rob has been hanging with famous friends and appearing on late night talk shows joking about the breakup.

It's time for Kristen to get over the breakup and stop wearing Rob's old clothes. Where are Rob and Kristen headed now and what do they need to do to get over their summer scandal?

Move on

If Kristen wants to be a respected actor in Hollywood she really needs to stop pulling the 'woe is me' act and just accept the consequences of her actions. Yes, she cheated on Rob, and it may have destroyed not only her relationship but also Rupert's marriage.

Kristen has been hiding out, refusing to do public appearances, and has pulled out of several promotional appearances for her movies. The only time we see her anymore is when the paps have caught a snap of Kristen sulking. We aren't sure why she's the one looking so damaged around Hollywood; she wasn't the one who was cheated on. Rob has moved on and now Kristen needs to do the same.

Start working again

Once Kristen gets out of her funk and is a fully functional person and actress again she can get back to acting. We understand she probably feels like all of Hollywood is against her but unfortunately, plenty of people in Tinsel-town cheat on each other and canoodle with other stars. They don't stop working because of it. Once Kristen is back on set she can finally focus on her career again and put this relationship behind her.

Eventually become friends

Rob and Kristen have avoided each other like the plague since the scandal broke, both refusing to step foot in the house they once shared. We know it takes time to heal wounds and we don't expect these two to patch things up anytime soon. Hopefully after a few years have passed and both have moved on to other projects and other people these two can reunite as friends.

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