Is Kristen Stewart Really the Best-Dressed Woman in the World?

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In perfect time for the summer premiere of Kristen Stewart's "Snow White and the Huntsman," the young actress has been named by Glamour UK as the "World's Best Dressed." We're not sure that anyone could possibly fill the perfect designer shoes of such an all-encompassing title, but even if there was such an illustrious woman, is Kristen the first person everyone would think of? Looking at the starlet who surpassed both British and Hollywood royalty to get the "Best Dressed" crown, is her fashion worthy of the honor?

Rocker Chic

Whether she makes your best- or wost-dressed list, the big screen's newest Snow White can definitely be considered fashion forward. The slender star is fond of showing off her legs in short dresses and sky-high heels, in a variety of colors, textures and interesting patterns. Possibly influenced by her role as Joan Jett in "The Runaways," there's a teen rocker vibe to many of her ensembles, including pairing a cocktail dress with Converse. She's also been known to model fashions on the red carpet that are straight off the runway.

Flair for the Dramatic

The best fashion from the "Twilight" actress usually appears at the biggest red carpet events, where she turns up in glamorous but slightly edgy full-length gowns. Suiting her goth persona, they're usually black, like this gorgeous satin strapless Oscar gown by Monique Lhuillier. Then there was this very vampiric mini satin and mesh number, as well as a shimmery blue gown that comes complete with the infamous Angelina Jolie exposed-leg pose.

The UK magazine that created the "World's Best" list may have been swayed by the dress Kristen wore to the London premiere of "Breaking Dawn, Part I.". The beaded black, floor-length gown had a flattering, figure-hugging style and an appealing touch of Morticia Addams with the floating, pointed hem. Then again, it's tough not to look good when you're sandwiched in between two guys who could win the "Hottest Vampire" and "Hottest Werewolf" awards.

You Wear It Well?

While there's no denying that the up-and-coming actress has a pretty impressive wardrobe, we're still never sure she's really sold on the fashion side of Hollywood herself. The often stiff arms and sloped shoulders of her red carpet poses make us feel like she's completely uncomfortable, though maybe that's just an element of character Bella she hasn't been able to shake yet. We can't help thinking, though, that she'd prefer to be dressed down all of the time.

Whether Kirsten's in a leather mini dress or ballgown, we mostly just want to tell her to stand up straight. As cool as her fashion duds are, it's hard to consider her the "World's Best Dressed" when you compare her to the finely poised Florence Welch (number 5 on the list) and Emma Stone.

What do you think, omg! Readers? Is Kristen Stewart the best dressed woman in the world, or would you have chosen another celebrity in her place?

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