Kristen Stewart’s Nude Scenes and Sheer Clothes – How She’s Prepared Us for Grown-Up Movie Roles

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Kristen Stewart’s Nude Scenes and Sheer Clothes – How She’s Prepared Us for Grown-Up Movie Roles

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Kristen Stewart

We should have known when topless pics of Kristen Stewart hit the web that we were in for an interesting ride. But instead seeing her in steamy bathroom Twit pics, it was a topless scene from her upcoming film, "On the Road" that started circling the web in October 2012. Stewart's daring role involves quite a bit of on-screen sexual activity. And although she claims the scenes are no big deal, they most certainly are a big deal to fans - especially those accustomed to her innocuous Bella character. But perhaps she and her publicity team have been preparing us for this racy screen switch all along.

She welcomes "hard times"…

Doing the nude scenes in "On the Road" was a test for Kristen, one that she apparently welcomed, as she claims to enjoy pushing and scaring herself. This isn't the first time that the actress has welcomed a thorny challenge. At one point, she lamented her perfect life, admitting that she felt boring and couldn't wait for something bad to happen - just to have something from which to learn.

Was the cheating scandal a publicity stunt?

Needless to say, the bad stuff arrived. But instead of "getting (bleeped) over" by someone, it was the other way around. To say that her entire cheating scandal was a farce might be a stretch. But you've got to admit that seeing her play the "home-wrecking ingenue" adds a bit of color to her Hollywood repertoire. Her romance with Rob Pattinson is a big part of her appeal. It's likely that the complete debacle ensuing as a result of her tryst with Rupert Sanders opened the door for her unofficial transition into adulthood.

Making the transition…

The nude-colored, sheer gown she donned at the "Breaking Dawn" premiere in L.A. probably should have been our first clue that we'd soon be seeing much more of Kristen's skin. Her skin-baring black lace jumpsuit showcased at the London premiere was yet another. Indeed, many of "The Panic Room" actress' fans have noticed her decidedly sexier wardrobe. The habitually low-key actress isn't known for her bouts of excessive glamour.

Now that the "Twilight" saga has effectively been usurped by "The Hunger Games," it's only natural for her to get a bit more daring with her public appearances. Suffice it to say, we're not used to seeing KStew in uber-sex kitten mode. But if her recent displays of flesh are an indicator, it's not the last we'll see of Stewart's new on-screen persona.

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