Kristen Stewart Gets Snubbed by Maxim: Who Else Missed the Hot 100?

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Kristen Stewart Gets Snubbed by Maxim: Who Else Missed the Hot 100?

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson might be back together

Much ado has been made about Miley Cyrus topping Maxim magazine's annual Hot 100 list. There were probably plenty of readers of the men's mag who thought that lovely likable ladies like Mila Kunis or Jennifer Lawrence were more deserving of snagging the top slot. However, Mila and Jen are lucky that they made the list at all since a lot of big female stars were completely snubbed this year.

Kristen Stewart gets staked

"Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart was left off of the 2013 list after finishing 15th last year. Apparently guys were majorly turned off by her cheating scandal. K-Stew was also recently named the least trusted movie star in America by Reader's Digest, so she's probably praying that the public's opinion doesn't affect how boyfriend Robert Pattinson feels about her. Even though the "Twilight" franchise is finally over, it was still represented in the Maxim Hot 100 -- K-Stew's co-star Ashley Greene snagged the 47th slot.

Former sexy staples get snubbed

So who did K-Stew lose out to? Manti Te'o's fake Internet girlfriend Lennay Kekua finished 69th on the list even though she doesn't exist, and Ke$ha landed in the 78th slot even though she recently admitted to drinking her own urine. Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie used to be staples on lists like this, but the dueling brides got snubbed this year. This might seem like an age issue since the 44-year-old and 37-year-old are much older than many of the youngsters who finished high up in this year's Hot 100. However, 48-year-old "Today" host Hoda Kotb managed to finish 79th, and 43-year-old Heather Graham landed at No. 23. Maybe guys are just tired of hearing about all the Angie and Jen wedding drama.

Angie and Jen shouldn't feel too bad about getting snubbed since People magazine's "Most Beautiful Woman" in the world also missed making the list. It looks like going commando and starring in a hit movie wasn't enough to help 40-year-old "Iron Man 3" star Gwyneth Paltrow steal a spot. Maybe guys just aren't into Goop.

Models can't make the cut

Gwyneth recently gushed about how pretty former Victoria's Secret angel Miranda Kerr is, but the beloved beauty was also overlooked by Maxim readers. Maybe they're just mad that she decided to hang up her angel wings and push-up bras? However, one of the biggest snubs of 2013 has to be Bar Refaeli's absence from the Hot 100. After all, she was sitting pretty in Miley Cyrus' coveted top spot last year.

A Disney darling gets dissed

This year's list was loaded with fresh-faced former Disney darlings like Miley, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale, but we think an older hottie from the House of Mouse deserved a little love. Former Mouseketeer Britney Spears might not be a teen dream anymore, but she recently looked amazing rocking a white bikini on the cover of Shape magazine. She's worked hard to shed some weight and stay in shape, so she definitely should have snagged a spot on Maxim's Hot 100.

All the pregnant ladies

Maxim readers aren't fans of baby bumps. Kate Middleton didn't make the list even though she had topless photos surface last year, and apparently men aren't fans of Kim Kardashian's much-maligned maternity style.

So do you think that any of these snubbed stars deserved a spot on the list?

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