Kristen Bell Says She and Dax Shepard Are Cheap -- Why We Love This Couple so Much

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Actress Kristen Bell.

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Actress Kristen Bell.

Kristen Bell and her fiance Dax Shepard are both successful, working actors, each with a TV show they star on. Bell even has half a dozen movies coming out this year. Yet despite that success, the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Veronica Mars" star says the couple live like it could all go up in smoke tomorrow. In an interview in the magazine Flaunt, Bell said, "We're very frugal."

Why all the frugality? " I always assume my career's going to end tomorrow," Kristen explained. This refreshing honesty is just part of what we've come to love about this couple. Recently Bell, star of the new Showtime show "House of Lies," also revealed that she and Shepard don't have any stress about actually picking a date, planning and going through with their wedding. She said, "The ring is on my finger. That's all I care about." She went on to say in the same interview that she and Dax would consider their children their "gift to America."

So why do we find ourselves rooting for these two so strongly?

They're Both Very Funny - Both Bell and Shepard have great comedic chops. Dax broke out on Ashton Kutcher's first run of "Punk'd" and is absolutely hilarious in the film "Idiocracy," written and directed by "Beavis and Butthead" creator Mike Judge. Bell showed her funny bone is intact in both "Sarah Marshall" and on the Starz original comedy "Party Down" alongside Lizzie Caplan and Adam Scott.

They Seem Very Down To Earth - This latest interview with Kristen seems to confirm what we already suspected was the case. When stars give an air of being approachable, it certainly helps their status in the court of public opinion. Revealing that they live frugally instead of seeing reports of the latest mansion or sports car they wrecked also goes a long way to make Dax and Kristen look like your friends and neighbors.

Their Honesty and Their Privacy - What these two do so well is to be both very open and honest, like when Bell said the two are more excited about making babies than they are about getting married, and still private. Pretty much the only time you hear about what goes on in their relationship it's from one of them, which means they have the best control over how much of their privacy gets invaded. It's very refreshing to see a Hollywood couple who can open up about their lives, but still keep all the sordid details under wraps.

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