Will Kris Jenner Talk Show Be More 'Oprah' or 'Maury'?

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Will Kris Jenner Talk Show Be More 'Oprah' or 'Maury'?

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Kris Jenner

When Kris Jenner's TV talk show pilot premieres July 15, many people will tune in to see how the momager performs in her new role as couch hostess. Will the woman responsible for making the Kardashian sisters famous model herself after the revered Oprah Winfrey, or will she be more like the sensational Maury Povich?

Thanks to the myriad of Kardashian reality TV shows that seem to multiply on E! like sea monkeys, the controversial mom has a chance to transform herself from a publicity hungry opportunist to a highbrow salon hostess.

As she stands at this major fork in the road, Jenner must decide if she wants to repair her reputation or just continue to chase ratings.

Already, one episode of the six-week test run is guaranteed to be a monster viewer magnet. An alleged Kardashian insider told HollywoodLife.com, "Kim and Kanye will make a special appearance on Kris' new talk show when they bring their little one along! They want to introduce their baby to the world on Kris' show."

If Kris decides to take the low road and do the Maury Povich "Who's Your Daddy?" shtick, she can start with her own daughter Khloe Kardashian Odom, whose paternity remains a question mark. To date, the third Kardashian sister has refused to take a DNA test.

Beyond her large family, however, Kris's clout and connections are already being questioned. Gossip Cop squelched a rumor started by Star magazine that no A-lister wants to appear on her show. A spokesman implied the rumor was nonsense since no staff has been hired yet, including bookers. "With the talk show not premiering until July 15, it is way too early to even know which celebrity guests are or are not interested in appearing on the talk show," he said.

One clue that Jenner may choose style over substance is the show's set design. The art deco foyer replete with a royal staircase and black-and-white tiles looks just like the one in her fancy mansion. Kris explained to a reporter for TV Guide, "I make a grand entrance down my own staircase at least once a day only there's nobody there to enjoy it. I'm like, 'Where is everybody?' That's why I needed a talk show!"

Though Kris described her new role as a "dream come true," one blogger hinted it's a nightmare for the rest of us. Describing the Kardashian universe as a place "where a lady's greatest accomplishment is drinking white wine on a patio and negotiating her own daughter's Playboy spread," Madeleine Davies of Jezebel views the show's launch as the beginning of a dystopian world "where girls are all assigned 'K' names like Kindle or Kool Lights and Brody Jenner wins People's Sexiest Man Alive every year from now until eternity."

A vice president for Twentieth TV put a more positive spin on his new talent. "Whether offering real advice to her family or sharing personal moments with viewers, Kris is honest, compelling, entertaining, and unscripted -- all excellent qualities for a daytime talk show host," said Stephen Brown.

If all this is true, the seasoned 57-year-old could use her new soap box to lead sophisticated discussions on adultery, divorce, fat shaming, plastic surgery and other serious-but-sexy issues with which she and her family have first hand experience.

Simply named "Kris," Jenner's new talk show will have a limited run on Fox TV stations in select cities, including New York and Los Angeles. Similar tests were done with Wendy Williams and Bethenny Frankel, both of whom now have regular shows with the network.

Do you want "Kris" to become the next hot daytime talk show, or do you secretly hope it gets axed after a week? Share your thoughts below.

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