Kris Jenner’s Puffy Lips and Other Celebrity ‘Trout Pout’ Victims

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In a preview of the next season of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," Kris Jenner tries to get Khloe Kardashian to take a DNA test for the cameras. However, she should probably be more worried about identifying the pink slug sucking on her face - oh wait, that's just her over-inflated lips.

The preview is getting a lot of buzz because it features Kris with sporting some seriously swollen smackers - it looks like she went way overboard with the lip injections in what may have been a desperate attempt to look more like daughter Kim Kardashian. Kris recently talked about the clip on "The Today Show," and she said that she didn't have a cosmetic procedure. However, she didn't explain what happened to her face -- she told viewers that they'd have to tune in to the show to find out.

Maybe Kris is lying and she was actually suffering from an allergic reaction to some kind of injectable - Kim supposedly swore off Botox after a bad experience with it, so perhaps the women in her family are just sensitive to having stuff shot into their faces. Or perhaps Kris used one of those freaky lip vacuums that use suction to make pouts poofier. Whatever went wrong with Kris' lips, she certainly isn't the first celebrity to suffer from a trout pout disaster.

In 2006 Jessica Simpson tried to start over after her divorce from Nick Lachey by changing her look. Unfortunately the Restylane she had injected in her lips made her look more fishy than feminine, and she later admitted that she regretted messing with her mouth.

Luckily lip injections wear off, so maybe Lindsay Lohan has also learned her lesson and will let her swollen smile deflate. But unfortunately the actress hasn't just been sporting a trout pout recently - her whole face seems puffier. She's really got to stop whatever she's been doing to herself if she wants to pull off playing natural beauty Elizabeth Taylor.

Lisa Rinna is another celebrity whose trout pout has gotten a lot of attention. "The Days of Our Lives" actress' experience with lip augmentation should serve as a cautionary tale for other celebrities thinking about messing with their faces. In the '80s Lisa had silicone put in her top lip, and scar tissue later developed around it. So in 2010 she had to have surgery to have the size of her lips reduced. The 48-year-old says that she's "tried everything" when it comes to tweaking her looks, but she's not a fan of anything she's done anymore.

So if Kris really did have a bad experience with a cosmetic procedure, maybe she'll also stop messing with her face. If nothing else, maybe her trout pout will make her daughters think twice about unnecessarily using needles and knives to alter their appearances.

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