Kris Jenner Has Nip Slip as Wonder Woman: Other Stars to Dress Up like the Superhero

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Kris Jenner Has Nip Slip as Wonder Woman: Other Stars to Dress Up like the Superhero

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Kris Jenner is receiving quite a bit of flack over her Halloween costume!

Kris Jenner is the latest reality TV star to don the famous Wonder Woman costume. Unfortunately for her, the costume came with a wardrobe malfunction. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star tweeted a picture of herself in the famous Amazonian superhero costume, complete with a nipple slip. "Jeez what's all the fuss about?!??" tweeted the star after users posted several jokes at her expense. Based on the nip slip, Kris's Wonder Woman costume will be one of the most talked about for a long time. Of course, she's only one of many stars to dress up like the famous character. Here are a few other notable stars to dress up as Wonder Woman.

Kim Kardashian

Years before her mom put on the costume, Kim happily dressed as Wonder Woman in 2008. Kim showed off her rear end in the Halloween costume, which also included a set of black tights. Kim actually showed some attention to detail with the costume. Not only did she equip herself with the famous lasso, but she also struck the signature Wonder Woman pose while photographs snapped her picture.

Olivia Munn

Not only did the actress sport the iconic costume on TV, but she also named her book in honor of the character. The star of "The Newsroom," who used the title "Suck it Wonder Woman!" for her 2010 memoir, dressed as the comic book hero during her time on the G4 network. The costume was used for a series of skits in which Wonder Woman would discuss fairly mundane topics, including office safety. Olivia also wore several other famous outfits during her G4 days, including the gold bikini worn by Princess Leia in "Return of the Jedi."

Jim Parsons

Dressing like Wonder Woman isn't just for women. During an episode of "The Big Bang Theory," the guys are forced to dress like Justice League heroes for a costume contest. Jim's character Sheldon drew the short end of the stick, and was forced to dress up like Wonder Woman during a party at the comic book store. In a later episode, Jim gets some relief when co-star Kelly Cuoco wore the costume for the same contest. It's safe to say that she had the look down a little bit better than Jim did.

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