Kris and Bruce Jenner Separate: Why Are So Many People Siding With Bruce?

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Kris and Bruce Jenner Separate: Why Are So Many People Siding With Bruce?

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Bruce Jenner going solo

No sooner had Bruce and Kris Jenner officially declared their marriage was practically dunzo than the media and fans began taking sides on the famous oil-and-water couple. So far Team Bruce is winning by a mile.

TMZ set the tone with its fiery headline: "F**k This, F**k That," and cited a family source for the scoop: "Bruce hated the whole Hollywood life and said, 'f**k this s**t' and moved to Malibu. But there are no plans for divorce -- at least not now. Bruce will still be a part of the show and sources tell us the split will become a big part of the story line in season 9."

Though skeptics may see the move as just another one of Kris's slickly choreographed ratings-grabbers, the likelihood of the Jenners ever getting lovey dovey again are slim.

But what may hurt Kris the most is that more people seem interested in Bruce than her. According to Yahoo web trend expert Carolyn Clark, nearly three times as many people are doing Yahoo searches for "Bruce Jenner divorce" vs. "Kris Jenner divorce" -- perceiving the split as "his divorce."


If there's one thing the mother of Kim Kardashian and five other famous children craves, it's attention, epitomized by her landing her own short-lived talk show on Fox this past summer. But right now the spotlight is on how Bruce was mistreated in the 22-year marriage.

Here are the top allegations:

Kris emasculated Bruce: Quoting an inside source from the family's reality TV show, People magazine reported Bruce was pushed around by Kris. "'He was told what to do. You'd go over [to their house] and there were always a million people running around, and it was pretty obvious Bruce didn't feel comfortable in his own house anymore. Half the time Kris would just shut him right down like she didn't want to hear from him.'"

Kris was more materialistic than Bruce: The laid-back Olympic gold medalist may have been more at home on "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" than "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." According to a TMZ source, "Bruce has always been 'a simple man' who likes 3 things -- golf, racing cars and RC helicopters. He has always shunned the 'Hollywood life' and it makes him extremely uncomfortable."

Kris "cheated" on Bruce: They may not have had a sexual affair, but Kris was accused of at least having an emotional affair when she met up with her former flame, Todd Waterman -- the man with whom she cheated on her first husband, Robert Kardashian. According to Hollywood Life, Kris "continued seeing ex-lover Todd Waterman behind Bruce Jenner's back -- at least twice" after the two were actually filmed on a "KUWTK" episode last summer having drinks together.

Despite all the knocks on her, the 57-year-old brunette is not completely devoid of supporters. Ironically, daughter Khloe Kardashian and her husband, Lamar Odom -- whose marriage is also in deep trouble -- were photographed driving to the family's homestead in Calabasas to comfort her.

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