'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami:' 'Lez-B-Honest'

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'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami:' 'Babies, Lies, and Alibis Part Two'

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A photo of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Kim Kardashian at Tribeca Film Festival.

This week's episode of 'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami' was all about fun in the sun, resolving relationship issues, and a little bit of mischief!

Scott's New Friends

Scott Disick has made some new friends and Kourtney Kardashian isn't happy about it! Scott, the self-proclaimed "Lord Disick" takes Kim Kardashian to his new pal Chapman's pool party. He explains that he and Chapman both have dashing good looks and lot of pretty-boy things in common; however, Chapman does not have AS much charm as "Lord Disick." While at the party, Scott meets another friend, Dani, a lesbian who has a similar hairstyle to his. Kim leaves to run her own personal errands while Scott decides to stay behind and bond with his new pals.

When Kim leaves the party, she calls Kourt to check in with her. Kourtney is annoyed that Scott is staying at the party. She voices her concerns to Kim, who tries to make her worry less, but Kourt is nonetheless irritated by Scott's choice to spend time with friends/strangers and not their cute little family. In order to deal with this, Kourt Skypes her therapist who suggests she write down her angry thoughts but not send them to Scott as a way to get it out of her body. Kourt does just that, but this does not stop her from chiding Scott when he arrives home. Scott gets aggravated and feels that he cannot do anything right.

Scott decides to go out to dinner with Dani and her friends where he surprisingly has a blast. They joke about naming Scott's future boat, 'Les-boat' or "Les-B-Honest.'

At one point, Kim asks Kourt what she is doing with her phone and Kourt explains her therapist's idea. Kim asks her to vent about the situation while she writes it into her email for Kourt, except Kim accidentally sends out the email to Scott! Of course, Scott is furious with the email and Kourt tries to do damage control, but Scott is very hurt. While on a shopping trip with his new bud Dani, Scott explains what happened and asks for advice. Dani gets a little "girly" on him and tells him that it's important for him to communicate with his partner and when Kourt stops getting annoyed that's when he should start worrying.

Following this advice, Kourt and Scott manage to talk things out. This is after she finds out that Scott is thinking of going to NYC to get out of her hair as he feels his presence causes more harm than good.

In the end, Kourt gets to meet Dani while taking Mason out for ice cream with Scott. It turns out that she actually likes Scott's new pal and decides to try to be more open-minded and continue to work through past relationship issues that have "traumatized" her.

Kim's Psoriasis

Kim complains to her dear friend, Jonathan, that she is having bad Psoriasis. She explains that Kourt suggested looking into homeopathic treatments. As a result, Kim discovers that breast milk can help due to the high vitamin/nutrient content. Kim devises a master plan to steal Kourt's milk while at dinner. She steals it successfully with the help of Jonathan. She gets the milk while babysitting or distracting Kourtney and Scott for several days. Kim and Jonathan even go as far as pretending Kim's cat, Mercy, needs milk and has run out of a special cat food. Kourt claims that if Jonathan puts on the pump she will give milk, but this turns out to just be a humiliating joke on poor Jonathan's part.

In the end, Kim is caught stealing milk. Kourt yells at her, but she eventually gives Kim milk straight from the boob as a joke. Kim voices that she does not feel comfortable with getting milk right from Kourtney's breasts (haha).

Tune in next Sunday on E! at 9/8 Central time for more!

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