'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami:' 'Dragon Me Down'

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'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami:' 'Dragon Me Down'

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Kim Kardashian has had one truly exciting year. Looking forward to see what this young socialite will …

On this week's episode of 'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami,' Kim Kardashian sets up a dragon boat race for her family. While the family visits, some old arguments get rehashed, and sister Kourtney Kardashian becomes suspicious that one family member may be hiding a pregnancy.

To race or not to race?

Kim persuades her whole family to come to Miami and participate in a "dragon boat race," a tradition where teams of 17 people race against each other for charity. It seems like a great cause, and everyone flies in to be involved! However, Scott Disick, Kourt's long-term beau and father to her two adorable kids, is not so into the idea. Despite this, Kim convinces Scott to cancel an upcoming appearance in Vegas for a good cause.

Once she arrives in Miami, Kim schedules a rigorous family workout. She begins directing them with different stretching techniques for the legs, but Bruce is busy doing his own thing and refuses to follow along with Kim's workout plan. This frustrates Kim, who storms out of her own workout session, annoyed that Bruce never is polite enough to do what anyone else wants to do. Scott is equally unhappy with Bruce, who keeps bugging him to be more enthusiastic. This leads Kourtney to encourage Scott to re-book his appearance in Vegas in order to avoid dealing with Bruce's antics.

The next day, Kim breaks the news that her boyfriend, Kanye West, is in town for a visit and that she cannot do the dragon boat race. This upsets everyone, as she planned the event and they flew 3,000 miles to participate and support her. Despite the upset, Kim firmly holds her ground. Bruce, being the Olympic athlete he is, takes over as the leader of the team. Eventually, Kim finds out that she is able to participate in the race due to Kanye's busy meeting schedule; however, Bruce does not want to let her back on the team. To get revenge, Kim forms her own strong team and the event is a blast! In order to apologize for his harshness with Scott, Bruce buys him a toy, remote control power boat.

Are you pregnant?

Bruce's son Brandon brings along his wife who claims she has been nauseous since the flight. Kourt immediately assumes that this might mean she is pregnant and experiencing morning sickness. She begins giving a variety of tips such as drinking ginger tea for nausea (something that worked well work her during morning sickness). Additionally, Kourt takes Brandon and his wife to a baby store. Both of them get excited and coo over the baby things, and Kourtney becomes more convinced and excited than ever to be able to share the joy of pregnancy/raising a child with another family member.

During dinner at the end of the show, Brandon's wife begins to drink wine. Kourtney stops her, saying that she cannot do that! This leaves everyone at the table asking whether or not another family member is pregnant. Unfortunately for Kourtney, she is way off base. Brandon's wife swears on the Bible that she is not pregnant and just assumed Kourt brought her because she is obsessed with babies. Poor Kourt is embarrassed for her mistake, and the family cheers to being able to drink wine. They then cheers to hoping that Khloe Kardashian might be the next one to have a baby.

Tune in next week on E! for another exciting episode!

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