'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami:' 'Babies, Lies, and Alibis Part Two'

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'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami:' 'Babies, Lies, and Alibis Part Two'

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A photo of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Kim Kardashian at Tribeca Film Festival.

On the season finale of 'Kourtney and Kim Take Miami' there was no lack of drama. Kim Kardashian dealt with the consequences of butting into Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship as well as delivering other surprising news.

Kim's Private Investigator Fiasco

Kim receives photos of Scott extremely drunk in Atlanta from the private investigator she hired to follow him. Kourt confronts Kim for being shady and using a private investigator to look into her and Scott's relationship issues. Kourtney has been worried about Scott's drinking, and Kim simply wanted to help, but she went a little too far this time. Kourt angrily throws Kim's clothes off the deck. Despite Kim just trying to help, when Scott finds out, he is infuriated and does not want to speak to Kim, and Kourt feels very much the same.

Kourt and Scott have a discussion about how they are unhappy Kim hired the investigator, and Scott wonders if it would make Kim happy to break their family apart. He questions why in the world Kim would have done this. Sister, Khloe Kardashian, is the only one who talks to Kim at this time, even after Kourt blames Khloe for partaking in this plan. The sisters run into each other, and Kourt expresses her anger to Kim.

Later in the episode, Scott becomes angry because Kim comes to the house to pack her things before they leave for California. (How dare she come pack up her own things at her own house?!) Kourt tells Scott to calm down, but he still is in disbelief about the whole situation and does not want to see Kim.

Kim's Big News

Although Kourtney and Scott are angry at Kim for looking into their personal business, Kourt receives a call from Kim asking her to take her to the emergency room. During this time, Kim reveals to her sister that she is pregnant. Kourt asks if this is a joke, but it's the truth. Kim had been cleansing her sister of birth control and planning to freeze her eggs; however, she got pregnant instead.

Once Kim is out of the hospital, she discovers that an ovarian cyst has burst. It was a painful experience, but fortunately, tests reveal that the baby is okay. Kim confides in Kourtney that she feels nervous about sharing the information with Khloe because Khloe has had difficulty conceiving. Despite this issue, Kim eventually shares her exciting news with her younger sister. Khloe is extremely excited, and she assures Kim she is not jealous of the situation at all.

Kim hopes that her pregnancy news will help mend fences with Scott. She finally reveals the news to Scott with the support of her sisters, and he is extremely happy for her. The wall between them falls down. Kim shares that she is nervous about this not being the best time for a baby because she is still married and was freezing her eggs in order to wait. Scott assures her that she can handle this.

Kim leaves Miami excited to spend time with boyfriend (and now father of her future baby), Kanye West. She is nervous but excited. It will be interesting to see the next season of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' when the baby arrives!

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