Kobe Bryant to Divorce: Five Reasons He Should Date Kim Kardashian

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Kobe Bryant

Plenty are probably none too surprised about Kobe Bryant's impending divorce. The two have had an uncomfortable position in the spotlight on a few occasions. And according to "sources," Kobe's love of the ladies has finally taken its toll on the marriage. And while the NBA star may have no intentions of replacing his current wife any time soon. But in case he does, he might want to consider Kim Kardashian. Check out the reasons why…

Hello?? She's a dead ringer.

Take a look at any recent picture of Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa. Squint a little and you might mistake the raven-haired beauty for Kim Kardashian. Ok, so dating a doppelganger of your ex is a little creepy. But who cares? And besides, Kim's ex, NFL'er Reggie Bush allegedly did the same thing by dating Melissa Molinaro after their break up. It's a shallow reason. But you've got to admit that Hollywood would love it.

He's a professional basketball player.

See if you can follow these mathematical equations:

Kim Kardashian + athletes + fame = true love

Kobe Bryant = famous athlete

Kim Kardashian + Kobe Bryant = more fame.

You see where we're going with this…

Kobe is older than Kim.

Kobe is a few years older than the reality star's typical love interests , which might make for a better match. Nothing against the younger dudes. But Kobe's "life experience" is probably way juicier than Kim's. His exploits just haven't been broadcast. In any event, he's likely mature enough to handle all the hoopla that accompanies being a potential "Mr. Kardashian."

The "Logistics"

Rumor has it that there was no pre-nup in the Bryant marriage. So in addition to landing the house, Vanessa stands to reap in at least half of Kobe's fortune. Luckily, Kim K. has a fortune of her own. So he won't have to worry about any potential gold-digging. Dating a woman who has her own empire does have its benefits.

He already has kids.

Although Kim has always mentioned wanting kids, many question her sincerity. Her reluctance to slow down (thus embracing the nuances of motherhood) is huge indicator that she's perhaps nowhere near being ready to settle down…at least long enough to pop out kids. Luckily with Kobe, she won't have to. He and his estranged wife have two adorable little girls to whom Kim could play Stepmom. And since she looks just like their mother, they might not know the difference.

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