Kirstie Alley Defends John Travolta Against Gay Rumors: Other Celebs that Have Supported Him

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Kirstie Alley Defends John Travolta Against Gay Rumors: Other Celebs that Have Supported Him

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Several celebs have come to John Travolta's defense.

Kirstie Alley is the latest star to come to John Travolta's defense. The actor has been the subject of many rumors that suggest that he's gay, but things really picked up earlier this year when he was accused of sexual assault by four different men. However, his former "Look Who's Talking" co-star is pretty confident in her opinion of John's sexual orientation. "I know John with all my heart and soul," she said in an interview. "He's not gay. I think in some weird way, in Hollywood, if someone gets big enough and famous enough, and they're not out doing drugs and they're not womanizing, what do you say about them? I think people think that's the supreme insult … 'he's gay!'" Even though John's accusers have backed off, the homosexual rumors continue to linger. Fortunately, Kirstie isn't the only star in his corner. Here are a few other celebs that have defended the star against the rumors.

Kelly Preston

Not surprisingly, John's wife of two decades has stood by his side through everything. Shortly after the harassment rumors began to surface, Kelly and John did an interview for People. She called the rumors and accusations absurd, and indicated that she was "pissed off" that some have referred to her marriage as a sham. Seeing that they have had three children during their lengthy marriage, it's hard to argue with her feelings on the matter.

Janice Dickinson

The model is rarely one to keep her opinions to herself, so it's not too much of a shock that she voiced her thoughts on John's private life. Janice made comments this summer about how much she loves him as a person, and mentioned that they have been friends for years. "He is a legend," she said. "He's iconic. When Kelly was delivering their baby, he was in the room giving her whatever she wanted. He provides for her." Those remarks certainly suggest that Janice isn't buying into the whole "sham marriage" theory.

Donald Trump

Given his ongoing battle against Barack Obama, Donald doesn't have a whole lot of allies in the Hollywood community. Still, even he thought that the whole scandal was ridiculous. "I think he's a terrific guy," said "The Apprentice" host and real estate tycoon. "He's a great actor, and I really think it's years and years and years later. I think it's very unfair what's going on with John Travolta." Clearly, John is getting support from all ends of the celebrity spectrum.

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