Kirsten Dunst Catches Baby Fever: Other Stars Who Waited Until Their 30s and Beyond to Have Kids

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Kirsten Dunst

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Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is nearing the big 3-0. In the land of Hollywood, that's almost over-the-hill. For the rest of us, it's just another birthday. Facing down the next phase of her career when she turns from roles that feature her as an ingenue to those that are more mom-on-a-mission, the actress admits that she's ready to start settling down to have a family as soon as she can find a guy to join her.

"I thought when I reached 30 I'd have a lot more figured out," the actress says in the January issue of Lucky magazine. "Until you have a kid, you're just looking for your partner. And guys have a Peter Pan vibe. They're 35, and they act like they're 25. That's what scares me about being in my 30s: not finding someone to have kids with."

The "Melancholia" actress, who grew up in the Hollywood spotlight, can hardly wait for a time when she can bask in the domestic tranquility of raising her own family away from the crazed celebrity lifestyle. "I can't wait to relive life in a little kid's way," she admits. "I'm so ready for that lifestyle: Get a little place upstate and have them go to school up there."

Despite waiting until such an advanced age to start a family (note the sarcasm), Kirsten is not the first start to put her dreams of having a family on hold while her Hollywood star flourished and she has a lot of great company in the over-30 moms club. Here are some of our favorite stars who had kids after their thirtieth birthday:

Jessica Simpson

: The singer first expressed her desire for babies back in her "Newlyweds" days with Nick Lachey. Since that love story didn't exactly work out as expected, she turned to Plan B. It took six years and a few failed relationships before she found herself in the arms of her fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson. The bride recently put their year long wedding plans on hold for some even better plans -- the arrival of their first child early next year - at ripe the age of 31.

Jennifer Lopez: The love life of the "American Idol" diva was a wee bit complicated throughout most of her twenties and thirties to make room for a baby. From her relationships with P Diddy and Ben Affleck to her two failed marriages, there just was no room for baby until her life settled down with then husband Marc Anthony in 2008. A true believe in go big or go home, J Lo busted out two babies for the price of one when she gave birth to twins, Max and Emme, in November 2008 at the age of 38.

Halle Berry: Gasp.... some celebrities even wait until their forties to expand their families. That was the case with Oscar winning actress Halle Berry who had to go through her own struggles to find the proper baby daddy. It only took two failed marriages and a bit of depression for the actress to decide it didn't take a wedding ring to make a baby. She finally found the right guy when she met French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry at a Versace photoshoot. The couple skipped the wedding ceremony and when straight for the baby basket when they welcomed daughter Nahla in 2008 when the actress was 41. Unfortunately their relationship didn't last and they would go on to separate in 2010.

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