Kirk Cameron Has 'Happy' Birthday Despite 'Sad' Photo

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Holy Kirk! The guy just can't catch a break these days.

Yesterday, New York Magazine's Vulture posted a photo of Kirk Cameron celebrating his 41st. birthday. The photo showed Kirk at a small office party blowing out the candles of his cake. There were only two other people in the picture. The table was bare except for the cake and a few Subway sandwiches.

This led Vulture pundits to poke fun at Kirk for having a "very sad" birthday and to suggest that he didn't have any friends.

Later, Yahoo!'s The Cutline did a little research and discovered that there were actually 10-15 other people at the office party, but they were behind the camera and weren't aware that the picture was being taken.

Still, this didn't stop critics from commenting on the dismal nature of the photo.

Wrote one Vulture reader, "Everything about this is sad-- how can anyone argue?? I see bad lighting in what looks like the most dated looking office rec room, a bunch of Subway sandwiches with no chips or drinks (save a half empty juice bottle), and 2 women with no shoes and bad hair. Plus everyone looks miserable."

Yet others praised Cameron for not indulging himself in a lavish celebration. Wrote one reader, " Remember now hot shot reporters and writers, that Kirk Cameron chose to live a simple life. He could have been one of the most famous people in Hollywood but he is happy living his life helping others not just himself like other stars we know."

Because Cameron is well-known for his born-again Christian faith, the argument quickly turned into a flame war between "Jesus freaks" and "heathens." One Yahoo! reader suggested that Kirk was being unfair singled out because of his beliefs. " What's interesting is if Kirk where a Moslem would this be a story? I doubt it. Happy Birthday Kirk."

I wouldn't go as far to suggest that Christians are unusually persecuted in the media. After all, Candace Cameron Bure is just as devout as her brother, and she still quite respected in the industry.

But I do agree that some of these critics were being way too judgmental about Kirk's modest birthday celebration. He was probably content just to have a small celebration with his staff. And who's to say that he didn't have plans to celebrate with his family later on?

Despite the "very sad" photo, I'm sure Kirk had a happy birthday.

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