Kimberly Cole on Music, Her Viral Video Hit and Fashion

Most fans know Kimberly Cole as a dance music artist but those who follow her on Twitter know there's a lot more to the rising pop star than meets the eye. In a recent exclusive interview the singer and TV host, talked about her latest hit viral video, her new show on StyleHaul and why the right outfit matters.

Kimberly Cole Started Honing Her Skills at a Young Age

A native of Orange County, California, Cole started honing her many skills at an early age - studying piano, voice and dance when she was just four. Being a competitive roller skater only added to her skill set and taught her determination and focus.

And while singing is her passion, she earned a degree from UCLA in theater and has appeared in countless commercials. She's hosted for MTV, been a judge on VH1's "Saddle Ranch" and acted alongside Eliza Dushku in the Joss Whedon series "Dollhouse."

Kimberly Cole Has Taken Her Show on the Road

But it was her 2010 album "Bad Girls Club" that started to get Cole serious attention. The CD's track "Smack You" was used to promote "The Bad Girls Club" and rose to #4 on the Billboard Dance Chart. Her success has landed her opening spots on the road with headlining acts like Katy Perry, LMFAO, Cobra Starship and Shiny Toy Guns.

Kimberly Cole's Music Video Is a Viral Sensation

As for her music, Cole has a new single out called "U Make Me Wanna" with Eddie Amador featuring Garza. And the song's video has become an Internet sensation in part because of a surprise visit by actor-comedian-dancer Keith Apicary (aka Nathan Barnatt). The it-has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed performance by Apicary caused Cole and her team to rework their original concept so they could incorporate him into the video.

Cole recalled, "You obviously don't expect this Napoleon Dynamite looking character to be so good. He was actually better than some of the dancers who were auditioning. So we went ahead and said, 'We have to book him.' And we reworked our treatment altogether and pushed our date back to collaborate and it was the best thing ever."

Kimberly Cole Gives Fans a Behind-the-Scenes Peak on 'FM'

And if that wasn't enough Cole is also hosting her own show for StyleHaul called "FM." Her upcoming guests include Kat Graham and Wiz Kalifa. She described the project saying, "It's a mini-docuseries - reality but with music and a sneak peak of everything that goes on behind-the-scenes. And it's very cool to be able to share that because so far I feel like my fans really haven't gotten to see that side - and I'm not afraid to show that dirty, down to earth girl that I am when I'm in the studio."

Kimberly Cole Says Music and Fashion Go Hand-in-Hand

And to top it all off, Cole is a fashionista, who believes that music and style go hand-in-hand. As she remarked, "If you're not wearing the right thing, it can be a flop and a failure. Even when I'm in the studio, if I don't' feel like I've got swag, if I'm in there in pajamas and feeling not cute, I'm not going to give it up… [There are] so many artists that I adore fashion wise - Rihanna or other new artists coming out, Beyonce, Jessie J."

Download Kimberly Cole's music on iTunes, catch the "U Make Me Wanna" video on YouTube and stay tuned for more info on "FM" on StyleHaul.

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