Kim Kardshian Accused of Copying Beyonce: Other Celebs’ Styles Stolen by Kim

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Kim Kardashian has been accused of being a kopykat - in recent photos that she shared with her dolls, she looks suspiciously like Beyonce Knowles.

Since Jay-Z and Kim's man Kanye West are tour mates, there have been reports that Kim wants to be BFFs with Bey. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

In some of the photos in question, Kim dresses in black turtleneck and tights. The outfit is very similar to one that Bey wore in her "Countdown" video, and it looks like the reality show star is even trying to imitate Sasha Fierce's facial expressions. Some Beyonce fans might be furious with Kim for ripping off Bey's style, but they should be glad that she's just trying to look like her and not trying to sing like her.

Plus it's not like Jigga's wifey hasn't stolen other stars' styles herself - her all-black ensemble in the "Countdown" music video was an obvious homage to Audrey Hepburn's look in "Funny Face."

However, Kim might be the bigger copycat of the two. Here's a look at some of the celebs she has stolen from:

Jennifer Lopez

It's obvious why Kim would want to emulate J-Lo - she and the sexy singer/actress share a similar asset. Kim's attempt to imitate J-Lo is so extreme that it takes an entire slideshow to show just how many times she's stolen her style. From floppy hats and cut-out dresses to skin-tight catsuits and fur, it's obvious that Kim has been really inspired by all the frocks that Jenny from the Block has got.

Kanye West

Kim loves her new man so much that she's seemingly trying to morph into him. In addition to color-coordinating her clothes with Kanye, she's adopted Yeezy's love of leather pants. Kim's backside requires a lot of extra leather, which doesn't breathe very well, so it's not fun to imagine what it's like when she takes them off.

Lady Gaga

Luckily Kim doesn't love wearing dead cows so much that she's walking around in bloody meat like Mama Monster. However, she and Gaga have been spotted wearing the same houndstooth-print Salvatore Ferragamo dress (of course Gaga wore it first).

Kris Jenner

Kim has a habit of stealing from those closest to her -- she shocked her fans by morphing into her momager for a photoshoot back in May. With a pair of huge sunglasses and a short, black wig, she looked frighteningly like her mother (if Kim can't keep away from the knife, then there's your future, Yeezy).

Kate Hudson

One of the crazier Kim copycat claims is that her wedding dress is strikingly similar to the one worn by Kate's bridezilla character in the movie "Bride Wars" (both were Vera Wang gowns). So how Kim's marriage turned out probably should come as no surprise since she had her wedding televised and possibly based her look on a movie about a woman who cared only about having her dream wedding at any cost.

It's not uncommon for celebs to get caught wearing the same frocks, but what do you think of Kim copying other stars' styles? Does she do it more than most, and is it a sign that she's lacking originality?

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