Kim Kardashian's KW Earrings - Her Other Shameless Publicity Stunts

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They really do want us all to ask "Are they, or aren't they?" Kim Kardashian, never afraid to grab the spotlight and yank it over in her direction, was spotted at Los Angeles International airport wearing earrings that bore rapper Kanye West's initials. A "K" in one ear and a "W" in the other would seem to support the rumors flying around the Internet that the pair are an item. They've been not-so-subtly dropping hints and drumming up buzz with statements in the press, never quite confirming or denying a romantic involvement, though Kanye seems much more open about his feelings for Kardashian.

What makes it so hard to discern if this budding relationship is real or not is the simple fact that both celebrities have a penchant for creating hype through publicity stunts. Kanye famously interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and it seems like Kim's entire public life has been one orchestrated publicity stunt after another. Her career as a reality TV star and entrepreneur depend on her "brand" and in order to keep that brand in the news, she has to keep her name in the news, which means publicity stunts are part of the whole package. Here now are her two biggest publicity stunts to date.

The Sex Tape - In 2007 the then mostly unknown Kim confirmed that she had made a sex tape with her former boyfriend, singer Ray J. It should be noted that while it's widely considered that the reported five million dollar settlement she received from the tape's distributor was proof of Kim's at least tacit approval of the video's sale, she claimed then and now that she was not happy about its sale. However, as of this date the tape still remains for sale, though there's no word of whether Kim continues to receive payment from Vivid Entertainment.

The 72-Day Wedding - Speculation over Kim's marriage to NBA second-stringer Kris Humphries being a publicity stunt seemed to start surfacing just as the couple announced their engagement. Maybe it was the quick dating period before the engagement. Maybe it was the quick engagement before the wedding. Maybe it was the fact that the wedding was turned into one of the most hyped and highly-rated television programs for the E! Network. For whatever the reason, once day 72 came, and the rampant rumors of an impending annulment came true, that seemed to seal the deal for many folks, and Kardashian's reputation took a major hit, with a massive online backlash starting that is still quite strong.

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