Kim Kardashian's Baby Photo Fake Out and Other North West Updates

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Why did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West choose to name their daughter North?

Kim Kardashian came up with a clever way to weed out the members of her inner circle who betrayed her trust by trying to make a quick buck off of photos of her baby.

Kim passed out pictures of different babies to her friends, and she lied by telling them that the photos featured North West. This way Kim would be able to tell if any of her pals tried to profit from selling the pictures to the press. Her plan definitely worked, because TMZ was approached with two of the photos.

So when and how will the world get to see real photos of North West? The Atlantic Wire joked that Kim's momager Kris Jenner was responsible for trying to peddle some of the fake photos, but she might actually be busy trying to broker a deal for a magazine cover. However, since the market for celebrity photos isn't what it used to be and since Kanye West isn't too keen on the idea of sharing his baby with America, Kimye might opt for a more low-key way to debut their daughter. Perhaps they'll take a page from Channing Tatum by sharing the first photo on a social media account -- it's a good way to avoid being relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi, and Kanye hates the shutterbugs so much that he recently said that he'd rather have the world see his sex tape than some of paparazzi pictures that get published. We're guessing that he might be referring to that time he hit his head on that pesky sign.

Sharing the first photos of North on Twitter, Instagram, or Kim's blog would also show the world that Kim and Kanye don't just see dollar signs when they look at their daughter, but perhaps the couple is waiting for North to put on a little weight before she goes in front of the camera -- she was reportedly only 4 pounds, 15 ounces at birth.

Poor grandmomager Kris might actually be a little clueless about what Kimye is planning to do as far as the first photos are concerned -- she hasn't even been informed about her granddaughter's nickname yet. According to ABC News, this is what she told Fox 4 News in Dallas about her thoughts on the K-free name North: "I think it's great. Why not? That's what's going on these days, lots of creative names." However, when she was asked about her granddaughter being nicknamed Nori, this is what she said: "I guess? Who knows? You let me know about that. You figure it out." Instead of telling someone else to figure it out, perhaps Jenner should invite her daughter to appear on her new talk show "Kris" to chat about North's unique name.

Speaking of the name, Kim did at least explain its meaning to her mother. According to Entertainment Weekly, this is what Kris said about the moniker's meaning during her appearance on "The View" today: "The way [Kim] explained it to me was that North means Highest Power, and she says that North is their highest point together. And I thought that was really sweet." North should certainly feel pretty special already -- Kanye cares about his daughter so much that the self-professed "number-one living and breathing rock star" has actually been on diaper duty.

So has the name North grown on you yet? And how do you think that Kim's daughter will make her big debut?

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