Kim Kardashian Wedding Kountdown: A History of Kim's Love Life

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Let's look back at the loves of Kim Kardashian!

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Let's look back at the loves of Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are ready to walk down the aisle. The wedding of the summer is upon us. Yes, Sherri Shepherd and even Joy Behar of "The View" have jumped the broom, and Prince William married Princess Kate in the spring, but they haven't got anything on Kim. (We're not British so we're not mandated to go by the whole Duchess Catherine thing.) The made in reality TV heaven wedding of Kim and Kris is what we've all been waiting for. Forget royal watchers. It's all abut Kimmie watchers.

For any other bride wedding prep is all about flowers and showers but Kim K is no ordinary bride. So how does a reality mega star prep for a wedding? Well, Kim's signature wedding fragrance appropriately called "Love" has sold out. The Vera Wang couture one-of-a-kind wedding gown is ready. KK's new semi-autobiographical novel "Dollhouse" co-written with her sisters is set to launch. We hope that they have taken our wedding music suggestions. And lil sis Kendall Jenner may even have a date arranged by Justin Bieber.

Before we take that leap with our favorite "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star, let's take a look back at the many loves of Kim K.

Kim Kard's Lost Loves: A Kardashian Love Recap

Damon Thomas

We know that you're shrieking, "Who?!" In pre-reality days Kim married Damon when she was only 19. They were married for 4 years although actually together for a much shorter time period. We only know this from Season 1 of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" when Bruce ominously reminded Kim and mom Kris about Kim's mishaps in love.

Ray J Norwood

Brandy's notorious brother Ray J is the lost love who some credit with launching Kim's illustrious career and burgeoning empire. The two made a bestselling celebrity sex tape together that was allegedly leaked. Kim reaped a payoff and they both scored reality shows and everyone went home happy-- "and claiming to be "mortified." Just add momager Kris and spin.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon, who never met a famous beauty he didn't date, was looking for love long before he found Mariah. Nick and Kim were quite the item for a hot little minute. Alas it wasn't meant to be. Maybe the famously bootylicious beauty was too young for him. All's well that ends well. Nick's building his own empire with Mariah Carey and their twins.

Paris Hilton

Yeah, we know that Kimalicious never dated Paris. However, at one point they were quite the BFF couple. Everything that Kim did Paris did first. So how did Kim triumph? By sharing more than a catchphrase like, "That's hot." To add to the fun mix Kim has a wacky and equally gorgeous family, all willing to be on TV. What other reality starlet heiress can compete with that?

Reggie Bush

"The Bush and the Tush." We were optimistic enough to think that they would make it. Before she was all set to become a basketball wife The Tush was a football fiance. They didn't make it past go and we saw it all play out in living color. Kim found her prince and Reggie allegedly found... a Kim lookalike ?

Miles Austin

Miles was a brief boyfriend blip on the reality love radar. We blinked and we didn't miss him. The wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys was the old Kris Humphries but it didn't last. This season Kim asked sister Khloe to remove all pics of her old boyfriends from the mantel, to which Khloe replied, "who can keep up?!"

"The Bodyguard"

Shengo was a gorgeous Aussie that Kim's mom flew in to guard her body. We all had slight Whitney Houston - Kevin Kostner flashbacks and it wasn't meat to be. Shengo had to fly back home unexpectedly leaving Kim teary eyed and ready to meet and marry her main squeeze, Kris.

And that's how it all went down.

Okay dolls, Kim and Kris' two-part reality TV wedding special will air on E! Sunday, October 9th at 8 p.m. and Monday, October 10th at 9 p.m. The actual nuptials are Saturday, August 20th. We love love.

Will you be watching the reality TV wedding of the century?

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