Kim Kardashian Wears Sausage Dress to VMA Awards

Move Over Lady Gaga, Kim K. Puts New Spin on Meat Dress Concept

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Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian

Now that Kim Kardashian has proven to the world via x-ray that her physical ass-ets are real, she has become more determined than ever to highlight her hind feature. Even still, Kardashian's dress at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards was over the bottom, even by Kim's standards. The nubile newlywed's gown accented her rear so strategically, she may as well have had a big black arrow pointing down from the back of her flesh mesh bodice.

Aside from looking like a caricature of herself, the silver metallic Kaufman Franco gown was a little, er, snug, as if the petite brunette had maybe eaten a few too many bowls of pasta on her honeymoon. We don't begrudge Kim K. a food-tastic getaway, but maybe a last minute dash to the seamstress could have made her look less like a stuffed sausage in that uber tight-fitting dress.

We're just hoping the reason the new Mrs. Kris Humphries attended the event without her hoopster hubbie was not because she asked him that dreaded wifely question, "Do I look fat in this?"

Sunday's VMA awards show was not the first occasion Kardashian has pushed the envelope with a tight dress. The sparkly gold cocktail dress she wore at her birthday bash when she turned 27 looked like it would bust open the first time she sat down.

A skin-tight gray dress she wore clubbing at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas in looked like someone had painted it over her curvy body.

Kardashian squeezed into another gray snuggler when she appeared on David Letterman's "Late Night" show, this one a uni-sleeved mini-dress.

The fashion-loving reality TV star, who has been called a "walking photo op," is usually shot from a side angle to maximize the number of curves showing in the picture. Her dresses often seem so tight, one wonders if she waits until she gets home to breathe.

Despite a history of wearing snug-fitting dresses, Kardashian's choice at the VMA awards suggests the attention getting Armenian princess wants to prove she still has it, even if she is now a married woman. Compared to the matronly dress worn by the much younger (but perhaps more confident) Miley Cyrus at the VMAs this year, the 30-year-old celebutante seemed like maybe she was trying just a tad too hard to strut her stuff.

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