Kim Kardashian’s 2 Wardrobe Malfunctions Draw Attention To Her Infamous Backside

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Kim Kardashian’s 2 Wardrobe Malfunctions Draw Attention To Her Infamous Backside


The reality star loves flaunting her curves — but her two wardrobe malfunctions in two days drew even more attention to her larger-than-life backside! From a visible tag on her butt to the seam of her shapewear, check out both right here!

It’s odd for Kim Kardashian to even have a hair out of place, which is why her recent wardrobe malfunction at the Kardashian Khaos store in Las Vegas on Jun. 3 seems so bizarre! The reality star is always done up and looks impeccable from head-to-toe– but that wasn’t the case when she stepped out for an appearance on Jun. 3. Sporting one of her signature bodycon dresses, when she turned around her butt drew more attention than usual, thanks to a visible tag beneath the sheer fabric. Just one day earlier, Kim had another style slip-up that put her backside on display!

While it seems so weird for Kim to forget to snip the care tag, at the same time it’s also refreshing to see that even this done-up reality star sometimes forgets to do a double-take in the mirror — she’s just like us! The tag definitely was distracting, but in the land of wardrobe malfunctions this offense is mainly minor.

The star is a huge fan of SPANX and shapewear, and she showed off her main style staple in a tight striped maxi on Jun. 2. While her look was casual, when she bent over the seam of her style secret was visible for all to see. Sure, shapewear isn’t meant to be seen, but it happens to some of the most savvy style stars! We also much rather get a glimpse of shapewear than something else!

What do you think of Kim’s two malfunctions in just two days?

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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