Kim Kardashian Updates! the Reality Star’s Shocking Moves as Kris Humphries Drags Divorce

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Kim Kardashian Updates! the Reality Star’s Shocking Moves as Kris Humphries Drags Divorce

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was not in court today for her latest divorce hearing. Both Kim and her ex Kris Humphries are being represented by their lawyers in the proceedings. Kim's high-powered attorney, Laura Wasser, is still trying to figure out exactly what the NBA player wants. Kardashian has already spent $250,000 on the case and Wasser plans to bill Humphries for the entire ordeal.

Meanwhile, a judge believes that the marriage may not legally end until next year. Kardashian filed for divorce from her second husband in October, 2011. August 20 would have been the couple's first anniversary. The ongoing divorce has clearly lasted much longer than the marriage's 72 days.

As Kris gears up for a new season with the Nets, Kim continues to move forward with her life. With her myriad of Kardashian products, fashion lines, new relationship and TV appearances, no wonder her lawyer is anxious to close the chapter on Humphries. Here's what Kim has been up to.


The reality star joins her current beau in a music video that takes a jab at her estranged husband. After Kanye West's role in "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," it was only a matter of time before Kimmie appeared in his videos. Kim has a brief cameo in Kanye's new video for "I Wish You Would/Could." The song featuring DJ Khaled was formerly named "Theraflu."

Kim appears onscreen as Kanye says, "And I'll admit, I fell in love with Kim. 'Round the same time she fell in love with him." The fashionista sports a decidedly low key black hoodie with Kanye's arm around her. Kanye also praises Kimberly in his song, "Perfect Bitch."

MTV VMA Commercial

KimYe continue to put their love on display in a new MTV commercial. The promo for the "VMAs" features show host Kevin Hart. Kim and Yeezy lounge casually on a bed together while the comic pitches names for a proposed, media-friendly mega-relationship. The hilarious spot is named, "VMAs' Hottest New Couple: Kevin, Kanye & Kim." Hart's suggested names include, "KevYeKim," "YeKevKim" and "KKK."

New York Magazine

Kim has graced the covers of many fashion and beauty mags but her New York Magazine cover story is a major coup. With "Kim's Fairytale Wedding" becoming a distant and fading memory, she opens up about her future with Mr. West. Kim confesses, "When this whole life is done, and it's just the two of us sitting somewhere when we're 80, you want to have things to talk about that you have in common." She says that she can get more "in-depth" with Kanye because of their career similarities.

Kim can be seen next rocking an orange prison jumpsuit on the August 26th episode of "Drop Dead Diva."

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