Kim Kardashian’s Twitter Plug Slammed by Nikki Sixx: Her Other Controversial Tweets

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Kim Kardashian often uses Twitter to turn her "dolls" on to the products that she's promoting, but perhaps she needs to be more careful about when she chooses to tweet her product plugs.

While other celebs where expressing their sympathy for the victims of the devastating Oklahoma tornado, Kim was busy singing the praises of "Kardashian Sun Kissed Tan Extenders."

According to Gossip Cop, she tweeted this: "Love that I can gradually build the perfect bronzed glow I want with #Kardashian Sun Kissed Tan Extenders." Minutes earlier, Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx had tweeted about the Oklahoma tornado victims, and he happened to catch Kim's promotional message. He posted a screenshot of Kim's tweet along with this critique: "Pick your priority or pick your poison. Pretty embarrassing screenshot Kim. Aren't your 15 minutes up?"

Kim has weathered many Twitter controversies in the past, so Nikki might just want to avoid looking at the reality show star's Twitter feed. Here's a look back at a few of Kim's other tweets that have offended people:

Another Poorly-Timed Product Plug

According to Hollywood Life, Kim faced a similar backlash just last month. A mere 24 minutes after tweeting her sympathy and prayers for the victims of the tragic Boston Marathon bombings, she was already in momager promotion mode. The reality show star tweeted, "Check out @krisjenner on @QVC's PM Style Show at 7PM EST tonight!" Angry Twitter users responded with tweets like this one: "WE DNT GIVE A F- RIGHT NOW KIM."

Kim Weighs in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

When Kim tweeted that she was "praying for everyone in Israel" last November, her message was met with death threats and anti-Semitic tweets. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she seemingly responded to the hateful messages a short time later by writing, "And praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world!" However, she also decided that she needed to clarify her feelings of neutrality in a blog post. She wrote, "The fact is that regardless of religion and political beliefs, there are countless innocent people involved who didn't choose this, and I pray for all of them and also for a resolution. I also pray for all the other people around the world who are caught in similar crossfires." Very well put, Kim.

Kim Weighs in on the Casey Anthony trial

Kim's 2011 tweet about the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial might not seem too shocking since a lot of people probably shared her sentiment. "WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!" she wrote. However, according to The Daily Caller, her outrage was matched by Twitter users who felt that she had no right to offer her opinion of the verdict because her late lawyer father was on the legal team that helped O. J. Simpson get acquitted. One Twitter user put it like this: "Kim Kardashian doesn't understand how lawyers can defend 'bad people.' I guess daddy never introduced her to OJ. #OhIrony."

Kim Bashes Bare Breastfeeding

According to TIME, Kim faced a big Twitter backlash in 2010 after writing this: "EWW Im at lunch, the woman at the table next 2 me is breast-feeding her baby w no coverup then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper." Kim later clarified her complaint by saying that she doesn't have a problem with breastfeeding in public -- she just thinks that moms need to cover themselves during feeding time. So maybe Kanye West will get his baby momma a nice bejeweled leather bib with fur trim to hide behind when she breastfeeds the Kimye baby.

Do you think that Kim should be more careful about what she tweets, or is her Twitter criticism undeserved?

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