Kim Kardashian Shows Off New Kitten: Other Celebs ‘Wear’ Animals as Accessories

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Kim Kardashian has angered animal rights group PETA in the past by wearing the skins of deceased critters, so will the organization be upset with the reality show star for wearing a living animal as an accessory?

Kim recently purchased a purebred Teacup Persian that she has dubbed "Mercy," which is a great way for her to promote Kanye West's song of the same name. Of course Kim had to come up with a way to show off her new kitten, and apparently she decided that posting a series of photos of her baby on Instagram was not sufficient -- she also decided to parade around the streets of Miami with the poor cat slung over her arm.

As Celebitchy points out, in some of the photos of Kim's little roadside runway show the kitten is "draped across her arm like the strap of a purse." It doesn't look like the best way to carry a kitty around, especially since Kim is close to a busy street. What would have happened if Mercy had wiggled away from his new mommy?

It's not surprising that Kim decided to get such a fluffy pet since she seems to love wearing extra-fuzzy furs, so perhaps little Mercy better watch out - the kitty does have a very pretty pelt, so he might want to start praying that Kim doesn't pull a Cruella de Vil when she realizes how difficult it is to wear a living cat as an accessory.

Hopefully she's using the kitten as a surrogate baby instead - the reality show star recently decided to have her eggs frozen until she's ready to have kids. Maybe she sees taking care of Mercy as mommy practice.

But if Kim is using the animal as an accessory, she wouldn't be the first celeb to do so. Here's a look at a few other stars that have accessorized with their pets:

Britney Spears

Handbag-sized dogs were all the rage back in 2004 when Brit-Brit carried her pet Chihuahua Bit Bit while walking the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards. Luckily Britney didn't just treat her pet pup like a purse - Bit Bit was reportedly given his own room full of tiny furniture and fed just as well as K-Fed with $180 steak dinners.

Paris Hilton

Back then Paris was also known for toting around her handbag-sized Chihuahua Tinkerbell, but she soon decided that she needed a more exotic living accessory. Unfortunately her monkey-like kinkajou named Baby Luv decided that he didn't share Paris' love of shopping - when the socialite brought Baby Luv into a lingerie shop with her in 2005, he threw a fit and clawed her face.

Justin Bieber

The Biebs also decided to accessorize with an exotic animal last year at the MTV VMAs, where he showed off a baby boa constrictor named Johnson. Bieber boasted that the snake could grow up to four feet long, which might be why he decided to auction it off for charity - he probably didn't want to get swallowed by it. Luckily Johnson was adopted and given to a zoo, so he won't have to worry about being turned into a pair of Kim Kardashian's boots.

So what do you think of celebs carrying around animals like accessories?

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