Kim Kardashian Serves Kris Humphries' Lookalike Ex-Girlfriend Subpoena in Divorce!

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Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries just took an ugly turn. The "Kim's Fairytale Wedding" couple is set to battle it out in court. After their 72 day nuptials crashed and burned, Humphries claimed that he was blindsided and devastated by the end of the relationship. The NBA star reportedly wanted Kim to cough up 7 million dollars for his troubles.

While Kim has been carrying on a public relationship with Kanye West, Kris has painted himself as the victim. The Minnesotan stated that he valued the sanctity of marriage, wanted an annulment rather than a divorce and would not date until his split from Kimberly was legal. Recently, photos surfaced of Kris on a beach near his home with a Kim lookalike. Kris' team dismissed the story initially claiming that the woman in question was just a neighbor sharing the beach.

As the story evolved, the media learned that the mystery woman, Myla Sinanaj, had been linked to Kris in more ways than one. Team Hump, however, waved her off her as a booty call. It seemed that Kris and Kompany wanted to silence Sinanaj, but why? We're assuming that it's pretty difficult to appear devastated when you have a girlfriend. It was even reported that Kris called in the FBI claiming that Myla was trying to extort him. A distraught voicemail from the disgruntled ex-GF was even released to the media.

Kim has had an eventful week, with the first part of her Oprah Winfrey interview debuting on OWN. Now, her team has served Sinanaj with subpoena papers. They want to talk to her about her relationship with Kris. Myla claims that she has hundreds of texts, calls and all sorts of evidence of their very real relationship.

The fact that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned may be heaven for Kim and her team. Meanwhile, Kris' team may grill Kim about her Oprah interview. She told Winfrey that her family had doubts before the wedding. This story is developing. This is certainly "A Kardashian Event." Stay tuned...

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