Kim Kardashian Says She Doesn't Dress North West in Pink: What Can North Wear?

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Kim Kardashian Says She Doesn't Dress North West in Pink: What Can North Wear?

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Kim Kardashian won't dress North West in typical baby pink

Kim Kardashian doesn't think pink when it comes to baby clothes for daughter North West.

According to Us Weekly, the new mom told London's Sunday Times Style that she avoids the bubblegum pink color that's a popular fashion choice for baby girls. "I think North looks cute in light colors," she said. "North doesn't typically wear pink, though. She wears mauve or blush, not, like, typical baby pink."

What else can North wear besides light colors that do nothing to hide spit-up? Here's a look at we've learned about her wardrobe:

She is allowed to wear black

Kim might love to dress North West in light colors, but the baby rocked a black shirt while she peeked over a white blanket for her big photo debut. Little North was snugly swaddled in another white blanket in the second photo that Kim shared, but a bit of a black shirt could be seen poking out. It's not surprising that North has so many black and white things since Kim is such a big fan of the monochrome look.

She might be spotted rocking leather pants and chains someday

Back in January, Kim told Jimmy Kimmel that she and Kanye West planned on dressing North in "specially-made" clothing, leather pants, and chains. A few months later, Jimmy made one of Kim's baby wardrobe dreams come true by gifting Kanye with a tiny pair of leather jogging pants. At least they weren't a pair of square pants -- Kanye compared Jimmy to Spongebob Squarepants during the epic Twitter rant that led to him scoring the fashionable peace offering from Jimmy.

She gets tons of free designer clothing

While attending Paris Fashion Week, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian snagged plenty of free swag for little North. The parents took home a collection of frilly Lanvin clothing worth over $4,000, as well as a tiny leather dress made by Alexander Wang. North might like having options when it comes to rocking her animal hide, but the animal-unfriendly frock doesn't really mesh well with one of her other pieces -- she also possesses a miniature version of Givenchy's popular Bambi shirt.

She is really hard to shop for

North's mother doesn't just have expensive tastes -- she's very particular about which designer duds her daughter wears. "Kim is very picky when it comes to North's clothes," Khloe Kardashian revealed. "I'm afraid to buy her anything." But since creative Kanye came up with the idea of leather jogging pants, why doesn't he just design the next big thing in baby wear instead of dressing his daughter in other designers' clothes? It would have to be something just as impractical as leather jogging pants, however -- can you picture mink diapers with platinum chains ever catching on?

Now's the best time for Kanye to start brainstorming since North will need something stylish to wear to her parents' wedding.

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