Kim Kardashian Really, Really Needs a New Stylist

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Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Living Different Lives? She Says, Yes

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Kim Kardashian

What was Kim Kardashian thinking? The reality star stepped out in Miami over the weekend with boyfriend Kanye West wearing a weird S&M-tinged bra top and sheer skirt. The kicker? She wasn't wearing any underwear and her famous derriere was definitely visible through the fabric.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star famously let her rapper beau clean out her ample closet earlier this year in favor of his favorite outfits. She should beg for her clothes back, 'cause these are just ill-fitting and not at all flattering.

Questionable Halloween Costume

Kardashian is already thinking about Halloween - and like many women, she's opting for the "sexy" look.

"Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping," she tweeted, along with a photo of her leopard costume with a sheer front. She's definitely going to need a lot of double-sided tape to pull this thing off.

Just Say 'No' to Skorts

We have no words to describe this skort/suit monstrosity. Seriously, this isn't even fashion forward - it's just wrong. She doesn't even look comfortable wearing it.

Popping Out of Her Dress

Again, what was she thinking? Kardashian stepped out wearing this two-sizes-too-small dress to the DuJour magazine launch party in September. It looks fine from the front, but from the side we can see that it barely keeps her "girls" in check. Trashy? You bet.

Too Tight in Green

Some critics loved Kardashian's green crushed velvet creation that she wore to a September Midori event. We kind of liked the look, but she couldn't keep it up during the event. Double-sided tape is your friend, Kim.

At Least She Recognizes Her Mistakes - Sometimes

Kardashian loves attention - we all know that. She wants that attention even if it's negative, judging from a recent post on her blog.

"Ok, ok, I am putting myself on the worst dress list for this outfit!" she wrote, along with photos of her yellow leather jacket and miniskirt outfit.

"I wanted a little color while I'm living in Miami, so my intentions were good, but the cut isn't for me! You definitely need to be taller and thinner to pull this jacket style off!"

She lets herself off the hook pretty easily, though.

"Fashion is all about experimenting to try and find your style and you have some hits and misses along the way. The mirror was lying to me this day! Where were my sisters or my boyfriend when I needed a good opinion?! LOL," she added.

Does Kim Kardashian need a fashion intervention?

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