Kim Kardashian Probably Won’t Get a Slice of Beyonce’s Birthday Cake

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Kim Kardashian isn't the only big sister that will have to move over for little sisters Kylie Jenner …

Kim Kardashian seems to be having a rough time fitting in with Kanye West and his circle of friends, and it looks very unlikely that she got an invite to Beyonce Knowles' 31st birthday party.

Kanye is doing his best to force Kim to fit in with his friends by cleaning out her closet and allegedly trying to cut certain people out of her life, but Beyonce just isn't buying the sex tape star's image overhaul -- Jay-Z's wife reportedly gave Kanye's arm candy the cold shoulder at the 'Made in America' music festival over the weekend, where the ladies "barely spoke to each other."

This is quite a change from a few months ago when they danced together at a 'Watch the Throne' concert in England. So what made things get icy between the bootylicious babes?

Maybe Bey got a little annoyed when Kim tried to pay tribute to her during a photo shoot last month. The reality show star appeared to be emulating Beyonce's looks from her music videos for "Countdown" and "Single Ladies," but perhaps the tribute came off as being more "Single White Female" to Bey.

According to one report, Kim might be trying way too hard to force herself into Bey's life. She reportedly bought a bracelet for Blue Ivy with the inscription "Love Auntie Kim" on it, a move that allegedly put Bey off since she doesn't see Kim as family at all. So hopefully Kim didn't plan on gifting the object of her obsession with a Kanye West-designed friendship bracelet inscribed with the words "From Your Sister Kimmy K" for her birthday.

While Beyonce is celebrating her 31st birthday today, poor Kim will probably be crying about not getting an invite to her party and being told she can't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - unfortunately walking and being famous isn't enough to earn one, and it's also obviously also not enough to earn Bey's friendship.

Maybe Kim should convince Kanye to get her pregnant so that she and Beyonce can have motherhood in common. Do you think that a Kimye baby would be just the thing to make these two girls from different worlds bond?

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