Kim Kardashian and Other Celebrities Cut Off Their Hair

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Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian

First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes -- a new 'do? On the evening of June 14, 2011, Kim Kardashian, announced she cut her long hair, opting for shoulder length locks. She tweeted "I cut my hair today! Kinda short, like to my shoulders, I'm loving the change". Kim Kardashian, previously known for sex tapes and partying with Paris is now 30 years old, engaged to be married and likely thinking of starting a family. She is entering another chapter of her life and it's no surprise she is looking for a change. I like the new look, but will admit it's not as drastic as what I was expecting. It's not quite shoulder length, but a few inches longer. When I heard the "breaking news" she cut her hair, I was expecting a bob, pixie cut or some other shocking new look. Her hair is basically the same style, just a bit shorter.

Kim-Kar follows in the footsteps of other celebrities who have recently cut their hair. Emma Watson is known for playing the 'Little Miss Know it All' Hermione in the series of "Harry Potter" movies. Watson decided to go the drastic route, cutting her hair into a super short pixie cut. Not everyone can pull off a pixie cut, however it's absolutely adorable on her. I don't blame her at all for looking for a style that would separate her from the character the entire world knows her for.

Hayden Panettiere cut off her long blond hair last year. Prior to cutting it, she died it auburn in an effort to avoid being referred to as "cute". She tweeted "Got my hair dyed finally!! YAY! It's the new me." A few months after dying it she cut it all off, leaving her hairline just falling short of the nape of her neck.

It's not just the gals who have opted for shorter hair, the guys can surprise us with their haircuts too. In February 2011, Justin Bieber shocked fans by cutting his infamous hair into what he deemed a more mature style. The coolest part about Justin's new hairdo: he donated the excess hair to a charity auction. Way to go Biebs!

Every person needs change in their lives and celebrities are no exception. While many fans identify their favorite celebrity by their style (including their 'do), it's only natural they want to change it up a bit after they feel their current look goes stale, or if they're young and looking for a more mature look. We should all embrace the new hairstyles of celebrities, after all, if it weren't for celebrity haircuts, what would all the women of the world have done with their hair back in the '90s if it weren't for "The Rachel" (thanks to Jennifer Aniston)?

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