Kim Kardashian and Other Celeb Flour Bomb Victims

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Kim Kardashian was recently pelted with a flour bomb because of her love of wearing animal pelts, but she's not the only celeb who has been attacked with the cooking ingredient.

Kim was at Hollywood's London Hotel to launch her new perfume True Reflection when a woman shouting "lousy fur hag" showered Kim with the flour. Kim actually took the incident rather well, refusing to press charges and later stating, "Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that's a whole lot of translucent powder right there." Only Kim would immediately see any kind of white powder as a beauty product (hopefully she stays out of Lindsay Lohan's beauty bag).

Speaking of Lilo, at least she was able to easily explain the white powder covering her clothes when she was attacked with a flour bomb in 2008. She and then-girlfriend were entering a Paris nightclub, and Linds was actually wearing a fur stole when a PETA activist dumped the flour on her. She had been named one of PETA's worst-dressed celebrities for wearing fur earlier in the year. For once the paparazzi came in handy because they witnessed the incident - if not for them, there probably would have been lots of speculation on what exactly the white powder covering Lindsay's clothing was. In 2010 she wasn't so lucky when she was spotted with white dust all over her feet - she denied it was cocaine and tried to explain it away as baby powder meant to loosen up her leather shoes (which PETA would certainly also have a problem with her wearing).

Paris Hilton might not be as big of a star as her old pal Kim these days, but at least she can claim that she got flour bombed for wearing fur first - she was showered with the substance by PETA activists at London Fashion Week back in 2006. PETA has denied being involved in the lobbing of Kim's flour bomb.

Flour isn't always used to protest fur - Kim's friend Jonathan Cheban was attacked with a flour bomb near the DASH boutique in NYC in December of last year. His assailant was a Kris Humphries fan who was likely unhappy with Cheban's threat to sue Kris for calling him gay. With the way attention-hungry Kardashian hanger-on Cheban is, the whole incident might have been a publicity stunt.

So are you a believer in flour power, or does using it to make a statement just make the flour flinger look bad?

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