What Kim Kardashian Needs is Some Perspective -- Why Pressing Charges on Her 'Flour-Bomber' Would Be a Mistake

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Someone in the Kim Kardashian camp should get a hold of her and try to talk her out of fumbling her way into yet another public-relations nightmare. We get it, no one likes having things thrown at them, and in this day and age, you can never be too cautious about what kind of mysterious powdery substance is being blown into one's face. Pressing charges on the assailant after it's already confirmed that it was simply baking flour that she threw all over the reality-show entrepreneur, would be a big blunder...and yet that's exactly what Kim is considering as her next plan of action.

Said Kardashian to E!, "I think, 'What if that was some other substance? I'm gonna definitely deal with it because it is not acceptable." Before Kim makes the phone calls to the authorities and her team of lawyers, we thought we'd plea to Kim's sensible side, and advise her against this next move. Here's a few reason's why she may want to get right back on the high-road, and off of her high horse.

It Was Just Flour - Yes, Kim's point that it could have been a different, more dangerous substance Had that been the case, no one in their right mind would tell Kim to lay off her assailant. But it was confirmed quickly, the night of the incident that it was indeed just harmless flour. Having this knowledge should tell Kim that her attacker was perhaps nothing more than a misguided protester, and not a dangerous domestic terrorist. She should also be thankful that the young woman didn't go "old school" on her dump a bucket of blood-red paint on her, something tells us that would have been a little harder to clean up.

Kim Should Respect The Publicity Stunt - Publicity and Kim go together like publicity and Khloe or Kourtney or Rob Kardashian. What we're saying in so many words is that for Kim to be "punked" as part of some larger stunt to get into the press is nothing more than poetic justice, and a bit of karmic retribution. Kim's entire career is essentially built on publicity and hyping of her products and enterprises. She should just look at this woman's flour-bombing episode as PR stunt, and not an attack, and maybe she'd see the humor in the situation.

No One's Forcing Kim to Wear Fur - In this day and age, it's a calculated risk for any star to walk out of their home decked out in animal fur. For years now, folks in PETA and other animal-rights groups have targeted celebrities who are seen out regularly wearing fur. While in no way does that excuse vandalism of a star's personal property, it's a situation that requires each celebrity to make their own fashion decisions, and to live with the consequences of those decisions, which could range from a press campaign against you, up to someone dumping a bag of flour on you.

Do you think Kim should press charges, or just let it go and move on? Drop a comment and let us know!

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