Kim Kardashian is the Most Searched Person on the Internet, Plus What She's Been Up to Lately

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Kim Kardashian is the Most Searched Person on the Internet, Plus What She's Been Up to Lately

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Kim Kardashian is touring the Middle East right now.

As much as people say they dislike Kim Kardashian, it appears as though they can't get enough of her. She beat out Justin Bieber and nabbed the Number 1 spot on Bing's annual list of the most searched people on the Internet. In 2011, she came in at Number 2 and in 2010 held the top slot. It's not particularly a surprise considering she likes to keep her name in the news. Other than landing on the top of the list, what else has she been up to lately?

Chaos in Bahrain

The reality star took her drama overseas. On December 1, she launched the Millions of Milkshakes store inside The Walk Bahrain Mall in Manama where a slew of fans paid over $1,000 a ticket to attend. Some protestors outside weren't happy about the visit due to her "bad reputation" and police dispersed the crowd by using stun grenades. All the chaos was likely drowned out by her hordes of screaming fans.

Hideous dress

The day before her chaos in Bahrain, the 32-year-old launched the Millions of Milkshakes store in Kuwait City while wearing a hideous white dress that had a cutout at the neckline and one on either arm. She finished the look with a gold belt and gold and white stilettos. Too bad she couldn't wait for the dress to be finished before she wore it. Her fashion choices have clearly gone downhill in the past year.

Wedding to Kanye West

Rumor has it that Kim wants to walk down the aisle with Kanye at Westminster Abbey. There's just a few teensy little problems. She's not a member of the Royal family, she's not an Order of the Bath member or one of their children and she doesn't live in the Abbey's precincts. There's also that pesky little detail of her still being married to Kris Humphries. We're aware she has a fondness for The Duchess, who was married to Prince William at Westminster Abbey, and we're taking a guess that she'll be inviting them to the wedding and crossing her fingers that they'll be there.

Divorce to Kris

The beauty's divorce attorney met with a judge on November 28 and explained how KK just wants to move forward with her life but can't because she's still married. They were told they have to wait until mid-February 2013 to set up a trial date. Kris wants an annulment based on fraud, she wants a good ol' fashioned divorce from her second husband. She was married to her first husband, Damon Thomas, from 2000 - 2004 and after a nine month relationship, married Kris on August 20, 2011, only to file for divorce on Halloween of the same year.

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