Is Kim Kardashian the Most Miserable Pregnant Celebrity Ever?

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Is Kim Kardashian the Most Miserable Pregnant Celebrity Ever?

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is officially a single woman. After more than a year of very public divorce proceedings with ex Kris Humphries, the reality diva should be jumping for joy now that her divorce is final.

Unfortunately, the voluptuous diva has had a difficult time getting through her pregnancy. While dozens of other famous mommies-to-be are relishing the days before they welcome their bundles of joy, Kim K's experience appears less than joyful. Check out her rocky road to baby bliss since her boyfriend Kanye West broke the news in 2012.

She's spent most of her pregnancy married to a man she doesn't love.

Millions tuned into her fairytale wedding, but just 72 days after her fancy nuptials the honeymoon was over. Breaking loose from Humphries should have been cut and dry. However, the pair spent about seven times as long trying to get rid of one another. Whirlwind romances are par for the course in Hollywood. But Kim's come under fire even more, since she's been flaunting Kanye West's unborn child while still married to Kris.

She's uncomfortable almost all the time.

Kim may be adjusting to expectant motherhood now, but the process has been awkward for her. In March, the reality beauty thought she was having a miscarriage and was rushed to the hospital. All was well, but she was rattled by the experience. Her body's changes, aches and pains apparently took a toll on her. Some even claim that she's leery about having more children.

She's on Hollywood's maternity fashion don't list.

Kardashian's expanding physique has also caused her problems in the fashion department. As a result, she's constantly popping up on Fashion Don't lists. While other blossoming celebs shine under the glaring lights of Hollywood, Kim's leather pants, tight dresses, and bright jumpsuits have earned her the title of worst-dressed expectant celeb.

Her boyfriend is always under scrutiny.

He overhauled her entire wardrobe and wrote "Theraflu" - a track in which he confesses his love for Kim, and also his disdain for Humphries. Still, Kimye's high profile romance has been the target of criticism from day one. Needless to say, being attached to one of the hip-hop's most controversial rappers can't always be a breeze. Now with West slaving away in Paris, the pair is under more scrutiny than ever. Fortunately for the reality queen, she's past the "clumsy" stages of pregnancy and is excited about feeling her baby kick. In the meantime, she and her rap mogul beau are buying lots of white to keep the sex of their baby a secret.

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