Kim Kardashian Miscarriage Scare: What She Can Do While She Recovers

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Kim Kardashian and Other Celebs Talk Eating Placenta

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are causing drama in Miami

Kim Kardashian suffered a terrible medical scare recently when she thought she was having a miscarriage.

The reality show star was flying back from France when she started experiencing stomach pains. She ended up in the hospital, but luckily she and her baby are okay -- the doctor just commanded Kim to get some rest. So what will a busybody like Kim do with herself while she takes break from her jet-setting lifestyle and weight-blasting workouts?

Here are a few things that Kimmy might consider doing while she reclines on the couch and indulges in her pregnancy cravings:

Come up with a crazy baby tale to tell like Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson's cringe-worthy pregnancy stories are always entertaining -- the buxom blonde recently revealed that she's suffering from a bad case of pregnancy brain by saying this during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show: "I never knew that a wiener could actually make me so nauseous." She then covered her mouth quickly before saying of her slip, "Well, I guess I just told the whole world that I'm having a boy." Kim could probably come up with something similarly cray-cray to say -- after all, this is the gal who thinks that rubbing breast milk on her body helps with her psoriasis. Admitting to eating placenta is popular with celebs lately, so Kim will have come up with a pretty crazy claim to top that creepy practice. She could always say that she's going to turn her umbilical cord into an accessory since she's such a big fan of leather.

Come up with a "K" baby name

Of course the Kimye baby will have to have a "K" name! Kim can spend hours browsing baby name websites, but maybe she'll take a page from Jessica Simpson and settle on something short and sweet -- Jess is allegedly planning on naming her son "Ace." Perhaps "Key" is a good idea, as in the key to the future or the key to the next Kardashian clothing store. But then the kid's name would be Key West.

Find maternity wear Kanye West will approve of

During a recent interview, Kim revealed this about her style: "I dress for my man way more than for myself!" So perhaps the mommy-to-be might spend a little time browsing for some cool, casual baby bump covers that Kanye will find appealing.

Send "get well soon" messages to other suffering stars

Kim wasn't the only celeb to experience a health scare recently. Her fellow E! star Kelly Osbourne suffered a seizure while filming "Fashion Police," and her pal Justin Bieber was administered oxygen after experiencing breathing difficulties during a performance in London. So surely Kim will send some sweet "get well soon" messages to her celeb friends.

So what's the one thing that Kim shouldn't do while she's chillaxing? According to Tina Fey, she shouldn't visit mommy message boards like Urban Baby since they have some of the "worst human behavior" she's ever seen in her life. So maybe pregnancy hormones make some moms just as cranky as Kim's haters.

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