Kim Kardashian’s Miami Drama: Frightful Fashion, Strip Clubs, and Kanye West’s Temper Tantrum

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are causing drama in Miami

Kim Kardashian's boyfriend Kanye West seemed a little stressed during a dinner date in Miami. Perhaps the Miami heat is what caused him to lose his cool with the paparazzi.

Or maybe Yeezy threw a fit and tried to grab a female photog's camera because she asked him an uncomfortable question about Kim's ex Reggie Bush. As Kimye left the Prime 112 restaurant on Sunday, the paparazzo reportedly asked Kanye if he congratulated Reggie, who is about to become a first-time father. Yeezy didn't react well, and Kim had to stop him from taking things too far. It's a good thing that Kanye didn't run into Reggie, who was dining with his pregnant girlfriend Lilit Avagyan at a restaurant right across the street.

Perhaps Yeezy was also a bit upset that Reggie is about to become a father while he hasn't produced an heir to watch his throne. His tour mate Jay-Z is now a doting dad to baby girl Blue Ivy, so Yeezy might be feeling a little left out. Kim also reportedly wants a baby, but she's worried that she'll end up being a single mom -- Kanye's distaste with his girlfriend's reality show career is allegedly causing problems for Kimye because Kanye thinks that reality TV is beneath him, and the incident at Prime 112 should make it fairly obvious that he's not a fan of having cameras shoved in his face.

Kimye could also be a bit stressed because of Kim and sister Kourtney's new living arrangements in Miami. Homeowners in the upscale areas of South Beach have allegedly banned the Kardashians from their posh neighborhoods, so the sisters have been forced to set up camp miles away in an area "known for its hourly hotels, strip clubs and high crime rate."

And speaking of strip clubs, Kim Kardashian's Miami woes extend to her wardrobe - she seems to be taking style notes from strippers.

During her dinner date with Yeezy, Kim donned an unattractive and unsupportive black bra top. So since Kanye cleaned out her closet, poor Kim has had to resort to wearing bras as shirts. And there's further evidence that she hates all the new clothes that Yeezy has chosen for her -- she's been spotted recycling a beloved leather skirt over and over again.

Kim's new wardrobe seems to include a lot of black leather pants, so it's hard not to blame her for finally trying to beat the Miami heat by pairing her bad bra top with a lightweight gray skirt. She also tried to keep things breezy by going commando - it's obvious that she's not wearing underwear in photos of the see-through skirt. So somehow Kanye has convinced Kim to ditch her Spanx.

Judging from the experience Kim has had in Miami so far, perhaps Yeezy should also convince her to ditch The Sunshine State.

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