Kim Kardashian’s Latest Woes: Body Hair and a Boy Band Member

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are causing drama in Miami

There's a bit of good news for Kim Kardashian -- she and Kris Humphries have settled their divorce, and she got just what she wanted. This means that she's getting a good ol' fashioned divorce instead of the annulment Kris was fighting for.

Kris allegedly realized that continuing on with the divorce battle could cost him cash instead of scoring him a small chunk of Kim's change. He's already racked up $300,000 in legal fees, and he would have coughed up more cash if the case went to trial. Kim could have also asked the judge to make Kris pay her attorney's fees.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows for the pregnant reality show star right now -- as usual, Kim Kardashian is facing more than a few negative tabloid tales, and they have nothing to do with poking fun at her pregnancy weight or her maternity wear. Here's a look at her latest mini-scandals:

She once sought the stalkerazzi

Ray J isn't the only ex giving Kim a headache, but at least former 98 Degrees band member Nick Lachey isn't boasting to the world about how he "hit it first." Instead he's insinuating that Kim tipped off the paparazzi before their movie date in 2006.

According to ET Online, here's what Nick said about that fateful night: "Let's just say this: We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside. [Laughs] There are certain ways to play this game, and some people play it well."

Since Kim went on to star in a reality show, is it really that surprising that she told the photogs where to find her and her then-more-famous boyfriend? And here's an interesting tidbit of trivia: Kim claims her date with Jessica Simpson's ex made her famous, not her sex tape with Ray J.

Her very hairy pregnancy

TMZ is claiming that Kim's pregnancy hormones are making her lasered-off body hair grow back with a vengeance, and this has forced her to partake in a peasant-y practice that she hasn't had to resort to for years -- she's shamefully having it waxed off. Perhaps Kim should just embrace her pregnancy peach fuzz like Drew Barrymore, who told In Touch Weekly this about the facial hair that she grew while she was growing her little Olive: "I got a wonderful little goatee -- and it was red!"

Her insensitive Boston Marathon bombing tweet

According to Vibe, Kim caused an outrage online by refusing to take a break from promoting products after news of the Boston Marathon bombings broke. Kim did post a sympathetic tweet that read, "My heart is breaking for everyone effected or injured in the explosion at the Boston Marathon. God bless you all! My prayers are with you!" However, she only waited 30 minutes before cheerfully tweeting an announcement about Kris Jenner's appearance on QVC. Quite a few of her followers complained, and the tweets were later deleted. Perhaps the Kardashian clan and other celebs should just take breaks from self-promoting on Twitter on days when terrible tragedies strike.

Kim is probably looking forward to the day when Kanye West quits hiding from the media circus that surrounds her -- it can't be easy dealing with a pregnancy and all these controversies while your boyfriend chills out in Paris.

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