Kim Kardashian’s Latest Drama: A Cheating Scandal, a Floral Fiasco and Pregnancy Pains

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Kim Kardashian’s Latest Drama: A Cheating Scandal, a Floral Fiasco and Pregnancy Pains

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Kim Kardashian does some strange things to her face

Kim Kardashian decided to dress up like a frightful flower bed for the Met Gala, but the "Fashion Police" are the least of the pregnant reality show star's worries right now.

Joan Rivers is going to have a field day with the floral-patterned fiasco of a frock that Kim chose to wear to the punk-themed party -- will the Chief of the Fashion Police compare Kim's crazy look to a cat lady's curtains, or will she say that it looked like a '70s couch coming apart at the seams, since it featured a slit that revealed one of Kim's swollen legs?

Kim probably doesn't care. Surely she was just relieved to remove her high heels after a long night of primping and posing. The reality show star recently revealed the not-so-pretty price she's paying for donning stilettos while pregnant by posting a photo of her puffy feet on Twitter. Her strappy heels left a geometric design embedded in her skin, and the pattern prompted her to tweet this message: "Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?" Will Kanye West please tell the mother of his future child that wearing flats is not a fashion fail?

Speaking of Kanye and Kim's love of posting pictures on Twitter, a recent report by Wetpaint is hinting that one of Kim's "Flashback Friday" photos could be evidence that she cheated on Kris Humphries with her baby daddy. Kim probably shared the photos in question because she's longing for her pre-pregnancy body, but instead they aroused suspicion. She does look really close to Kanye in the sexy pics.

In the photo, she's sporting hair with red tips and tweeted the hashtag "#jam" along with them, which makes it's pretty obvious that they were taken back when she was working on the music video for her song "Jam (Turn It Up)." The photos were likely snapped shortly before Kris Humphries asked Kim Kardashian to marry him, but a few photos with Kanye West don't really prove that Kim was cheating on her ex, right? Yeezy was probably just working on the music video with his future baby momma.

Not that Kimye really cares about a cheating scandal, anyway. Right now the couple has something more important to worry about -- they've got to come up with a plan for their baby's brand. Rumor has it that the couple is hoping to copyright their kid's name before Kim gives birth, and if Kim does end up dubbing her baby Easton West, it's the perfect moniker for a line of pastel polo shirts and pleated khaki pants marketed toward posh kiddies like her own offspring.

Kim is probably ready to pop her little papoose out so that she can start to profit off it, especially since the power of her pregnancy isn't paying off as much anymore. Her sex tape sales increased shortly after news of her pregnancy broke, but now TMZ is reporting that Farrah Abraham's "Backdoor Teen Mom" sex tape has crushed the record that Kim and Ray J's infamous home movie previously set. Perhaps Kim's next Kanye-produced song should be titled "I Did It First."

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