Are Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton the ‘Goofus and Gallant’ of Female Celebrities?

Her Name May Start with a 'K,' but the Dutchess of Cambridge is No Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian 2011

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Kim Kardashian 2011

One seems to do everything wrong; the other can do no wrong. The former Kate Middleton --now titled, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge -- and Kim Kardashian -- the recently-separated celebutante -- have become the poster girls for good and bad celebrity behavior. Like Goofus and Gallant, the Miss Manners-styled cartoon strip from Highlights magazine, each woman represents how a celebrity should -- or should not -- conduct herself in civilized society.

With celebrities commonly labeled as either good or bad role models these days, the controversial reality TV star and England's popular new royal stand at opposite ends of the spectrum of whom young people should strive to emulate. Like their cartoon counterparts, Goofus and Gallant, the SoCal party girl consistently behaves in a manner that should not be copied by young people, whereas the pretty princess is pointed to by parents as the epitome of proper young ladyhood.

If any two specimens of celebrydom convey the extremes in behavior of the rich and famous, the round- bottomed publicity seeker and the more private, pretty princess, are it. Here is how each plays the roles of good and bad role model.

How to Dress

Kate/Gallant: When it comes to fashion, the English style guru proves you can be sexy without looking like a streetwalker As one fashion website noted, "She definitely follows the rule of 'a skirt is like an essay-it should be long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep you interested.'" Rarely does the gorgeous Brit let her girls hang out, as "What Not to Wear's" Stacy London might say, opting to be suggestive rather than overt. Not surprisingly, the slender brunette recently nabbed the top slot on Harper's Bazaar UK's Britain's Best Dressed list.

Kim/Goofus: The curvaceous Kimster, in contrast, has been known to wear dresses more than a tad too small for her full-figured frame, mistakenly believing the bursting-out-of-your-dress look is sexy . Although it was already made clear from her sex tapes she has big assets, she continues to show them off lest her fans think they may have shrunk or evaporated, as evidenced by her photo in a Herve Leger white bandage dress

How to Get Married

Kate/Gallant: Long teased by the British press, who dubbed her "Waity Katy" for patiently twiddling her thumbs until Wills was ready to wed, the new bride thoroughly knew her betrothed before tying the royal knot. Though her wedding was televised around the world, it was a genuine news story about a historic British ritual, and one suspected the bride would have been equally -- if not more -- content getting hitched in a small church with only her family and closest mates.

Kim/Goofus: The peripatetic publicity hound hardly knew her groom, Kris Humphries, having first started dating him the fall before her summer extravaganza, err, wedding. The $10 million dollar affair seemed more like a business deal than spiritual union, an impression bolstered by the sale of the wedding footage to E! -- a two-part special with the pretentious title, "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event."

Though only 15 months apart in age -- Kim is the elder of the two -- the two women from opposite sides of the pond are worlds apart in how they approach their lives. With rumors of Middleton's possible pregnancy and reports of Kardashian's marital separation after only 72 days of marriage, the two have become a symbol of the fork in the road at which many 30ish women find themselves. If the proof is in the pudding, it seems like behaving more like Gallant than Goofus will more likely lead one down the path to happily ever after.

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