Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Latest Drama: A Nude Photo Scandal and a Robbery

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue to get press for the kraziest reasons.

On Wednesday a couple of gold diggers decided to take advantage of Kanye touring in Europe by robbing his home in L.A. So unfortunately Kanye wasn't there to interrupt them by saying, "Yo robbers, I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but the Bling Ring were the best celebrity thieves of all time." There's no word on if the thieves absconded with some of Yeezy's favorite fur coats or massive gold medallions, but perhaps they weren't searching for expensive trinkets - maybe the looters were hoping to find a Kimye sex tape to leak.

Speaking of sex tapes, even though it's easy enough to see Kim completely naked online, a new nude photo of a woman who looks a lot like Kim recently scandalized the web. At first it appeared that Kanye had accidentally tweeted a photo of his girlfriend's naked rear end, but luckily Kim didn't have to worry about it for long - porn star Amia Miley didn't want the reality show star to get credit for her backside and proved that it was her in the picture by pointing out some painful-looking piercings on her lower back.

The photo ended up being part of a Twitter prank, and it was never even tweeted from Kanye's account.

Even though Kim's butt has been making headlines yet again because of the photo, don't expect it to be one of the topics she talks about with Oprah, who recently interviewed the entire Kardashian clan in a sad attempt to stay relevant. Kim recently talked to Heat about not liking to talk about her famous fanny by saying, "I don't get the fact, like, why it's talked about. I don't get it. Sometimes I get bored of talking about it... most women have one."

And don't expect her bootylicious lookalike Amia to make headlines by dating Kris Humphries. For one thing, she's currently seeing "Jersey Shore" star The Unit, and for another, Kris has probably learned his lesson when it comes to dating Kim lookalikes - just don't do it.

Kris and Myla (Fatmire) Sinanaj have recently been stealing headlines from Kimye with their "relationship" - Kris is upset with Myla for claiming to be his girlfriend, and he recently contacted the FBI because she was trying to extort him. Myla allegedly told Kris that she would go to the press and ruin him if he didn't give her money.

There are also rumors that Myla called the paparazzi to photograph her and Kris together and that she wants to help Kim with her divorce case. So Myla is certainly just as talented as Kim when it comes to making headlines (maybe she studied up on Kim before going after Kris).

We can only hope that Kim, Kanye, Kris and Myla all take part in the divorce proceedings -- it would be far more entertaining that any episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" has ever been.

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