Kim Kardashian Hawks Milkshakes in Kuwait -- is Her Middle East Trip a Mistake?

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Kim Kardashian Hawks Milkshakes in Kuwait -- is Her Middle East Trip a Mistake?

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Kim Kardashian

When you think of a goodwill ambassador to the Middle East, Kim Kardashian is likely one of the last people to cross your mind. But that didn't stop her from following in the footsteps of Sarah Jessica Parker and her "Sex and the City 2" pals whose glam camel ride through the Sahara Desert seemed wrong in too many ways to count.

The sexy rival to Carmen Sandiego landed in Kuwait yesterday to promote a milkshake chain and began grabbing headlines immediately. Unlike the more modern United States where the curvy beauty whose career was launched by a leaked sex tape barely raises eyebrows these days, Kuwait is part of the Middle East where the male-dominated culture attempts to make women act and dress modestly.

"Her values clash with our traditions as a religiously committed people," a Kuwaiti preacher was reported as saying. "Her visit could help spread vice among our youth."

A columnist for the Kuwait Times was upset for a totally different reason. Kardashian was allowed entry to the country when some other foreigners, including famous musicians, have been kept out based on religious and moral objections. "I really hate judging people," said Sahar Moussa, "but when it is someone like Kim Kardashian -- who is only known for her obscene movie, voluptuous derriere and fake reality TV show that shows nothing but low morals and a lot of plastic surgery -- then I have a problem."

But that didn't stop the 30-something from gushing like a teenager on her Twitter feed. "Can't wait to see all my Kuwaiti fans today at Millions of Milkshakes!!!" Kardashian tweeted, managing to squeeze three exclamation points into the social site's minimalist character count.

This is not the first time the vivacious brunette has ventured into the Middle East. Last October she visited Dubai with her mother, Kris Jenner, and mounted a camel wearing Christian Louboutin stilettos. The fashionista was visiting the commercial mecca to promote the same milkshake chain, as well as her perfume, Sephora.

If Kardashian really wants to stir up controversy on this trip, she could do more than show up in revealing clothes. A human rights group called Bahrain Center for Human Rights published an open letter on the Internet beseeching the celebutante to check into some alleged violations when she visits Kuwait's neighbor to promote the drinkery, claiming "at least 84 people (have been) killed since February 2011 and more than 80 children arrested in just the past several months."

The group implied Kardashian is being used as propaganda to make it look like Bahrain is progressive, alleging, "People have even been arrested for things they've said on Twitter. I don't know about you, but I'd hardly call that modern."

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie may have to watch her back to keep her title as top globe hopping goodwill celebrity since she lacks a key physical asset possessed by the reality TV star. As TMZ quipped, "Kim Kardashian -- putting the ass in ambassador."

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