Kim Kardashian is Having a Girl: Kimye Baby Names and Branding Ideas

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are causing drama in Miami

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have to sacrifice a room in their mansion to make closet space for a baby girl!

Now that Kim knows that she's getting a female doll to play dress-up with, it's time for the businesswoman to get busy thinking about the perfect name for little bundle of dollar bills, and of course she needs to come up with a clever way to brand the Kimye kid. She'll probably try to choose a creative "K" name, so here's a look at a few monikers and matching baby products to peddle that will help carry on the Kardashian family tradition of alliteration and enterprise:


It's not just a shout-out to Uncle Jay-Z and Aunt Beyonce's song "Crazy in Love" -- this name represents daddy Kanye West's crazy behavior. Kanye's so cray that he even wore a straight jacket during an appearance in Abu Dhabi back in January. The Kimye baby might inherit Yeezy's wild style, but a baby straight jacket is a little too over-the-top to market towards toddlers with more down-to-earth dads. So perhaps the tot could rock a mini version of Kanye's creepy crystal-covered mask to shield her tiny face from the paparazzi instead. But of course the baby version would come with a built-in binky.

Kam Era

This simply looks like a crazy way to spell "camera," but little Kammy's middle moniker is all about ushering in a new era of entertainment -- you just know that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian think that their baby is destined for great things. Beyonce made a splash by debuting Blue Ivy in her HBO documentary, but Kanye and Kim can top this by creating a stylish black baby bottle with a camera on it. This way little Kammy will be following in her daddy's footsteps by becoming a filmmaker, and she might even create a Cannes-worthy documentary while she eats lunch.

Kruella Summer

This name pays tribute to Kimye's love of fur by referencing animal skin addict Cruella del Vil, and it doubles as ad for Yeezy's "Cruel Summer" compilation album. Kruella could try to top Quvenzhane Wallis' puppy purse by making her signature accessory an adorable/awful pair of furry baby booties designed to look like Kim's deceased kitty Mercy. And of course the kitten heels would have a $3,000 price tag.

Krop Top, or "K.T."

Kim must really love crop tops, because it had to be hard work to cram her curves into a constricting, belly-baring item of clothing recently -- her sad, squashed-up baby bump looked like biscuits oozing out of a can. Kim has admitted that she's a fan of tight clothes and isn't going to stop wearing them just because she's preggers, so perhaps she'll create a form-fitting line of diaper leggings for little K.T. and other body-conscious babies. Just imagine all the fun fashion-forward moms would have fun changing those!

Kolor Kween

The Kimye baby is the little kween that Kanye has been watching the throne for, but now she and Blue Ivy will have to fight for it. And what's the best way to beat Beyonce's baby name? Don't just pay tribute to one color -- celebrate them all! However, when your name is Kolor, you don't need to wear colors, so the Kimye baby could be edgy by rocking a slimming, all-black clothing line (complete with the diaper leggings mentioned above, of course).

So which of these baby girl names do you like best?

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