Kim Kardashian Made Sex Tape For Fame, Sources Say

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Kim Kardashian Made Sex Tape For Fame, Sources Say


Further more, top California lawyers tell exclusively that it couldn’t have been sold without her permission. That would have been illegal!

In 2007, after her sex tape with Ray J was released, Kim Kardashian made an official statement, claiming she had never given consent or permission for the distribution of the racy video and that she was filing legal charges against Vivid Entertainment, the company who was distributing it. Now, multiple sources and noted lawyers tell exclusively that Kim would have had to have given her consent for the tape to have been sold.

A friend of Ray J’s tells exclusively, “Both Ray J and Kim leaked the tape. They made that tape on purpose and that purpose was fame! Kim was all for it and then, when the tape became public, she acted like she was really upset. Everyone on the inside knew that it was all an act. She wanted to be famous like Paris [Hilton], and it worked.”

An additional source reveals that a good mutual friend of Kim and Paris advised her that if she wanted to become famous, doing a sex tape would be a great idea.

This source, who has experience in the adult film industry, continued, saying that the friend helped Kim put the video together, during which time Kim told him she had discussed the making of it with her family!

Regarding Kim’s supposed legal claims, the attorneys who spoke to exclusively all concluded that Kim had to have played a part in the distribution of the video, or else it couldn’t have legally been sold.

Los Angeles attorney Mychal Wilson says, “It appears that both Kim Kardashian and Ray J consented to make the sex tape. Clearly, they both are aware of the taping as they are mugging for the camera. Kim and Ray J’s sex tape appears to be high quality and well shot. Additionally, both parties would have consented to signing on the distribution deal with Vivid Entertainment.”

“The most likely scenario is that they both decided to leak the tape. Let’s just say, if Ray J had gone behind Kim’s back and tried to sell the tape, Kim could have easily called on her lawyers to stop that tape from being shown to the public,” adds attorney Anthony Salerno.

Attorney Larry Zerner explains it simply: “People generally have a right to privacy which is recognized under the U.S. Constitution and the California Constitution. That right to privacy includes the right not to have private sex tapes shown to the public without consent. So releasing a sex tape without consent would violate this right.”

Larry concludes, “I am aware of cases where sex tapes were released even though neither party agreed. But the celebrity always has the right to have that footage withdrawn if they want.”

The video is back in the news after a source told that her estranged husband Kris Humphries told his ex girlfriend Myla Sinanaj that Kris Jenner was involved in having Kim make a sex tape.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do YOU believe Kim when she says she didn’t give consent?

Reporting by Russ Weakland, & Sandra Clark

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